Tuesday, March 6, 2012


In the pink for the 2012 Cycling Season - she seems to think so. You'll need to zip that up so we can read the sponsor logo young lady. Or not.

It's probably so long since the last "Spring Kit" review you've probably forgotten how we were all over the black and white, and white and white and just plain white kits that seemed to be popping up everywhere. Well as we get closer to the season finally rolling out, we're seeing red ... and pink and a bunch of rose color kits all over the internets, and that thing they call Facebook.

 Our favorite women in pink cycling team - the Real Women Tri. Yeah there are some familiar faces, and while they may look sweet in this photo, their are some real toughies in this bunch. Good luck in 2012 ladies.

There's a bunch of pink kits on the loose already this year. I don't know where they're from, but they're rocking some nice pink. And how about those glasses?

From pink for the girls to full on red for the boys. I was once on a team that had red bib shorts and let me tell you that was one humiliating season - and not just because I was crap on the bike. If I was this guy I'd find a little taller bike for the team photo. Yeah, bring that top tube a little higher will ya? He sure looks happy.

At least they can share their shame. An what's with the rest of the management team in black? They look like undertakers. Nice photo direction too - put your hand on your hip, rest your elbow on Adolph's neck, have you helmet float in the air, sit down and put your hands on your hips, and put on your reading glasses while your at it.

If you insist on wearing an entire red riding kit, here's the way to do it. You can tell she's going fast, her handlebar streamers are flying!

Wear red, or whatever you like tonight if you plan on riding. I'm hoping that the cold weather has finally dried up those damn roads. See you Bastards later. Let me know if your rolling, or if you're going to be late so I can nap in the car until you arrive.


  1. I am riding tonight. If the roads are anything like they were on Sunday or even thawed a little more they will suck tonight. It was another 2 hr+ cleaning! I am sick of the muck! Do you really think we will have dry dirt roads????

  2. by the way, i will be in red tonght!

  3. Really, red? I thought you were green. I have touched green yet. Saving that for SPD - and that's not a pedal.

    I'm thinking the roads should be better if it doesn't warm up too much.

  4. What's this facebook thing you speak of...?