Sunday, March 11, 2012


Satellites orbiting high above the earth's surface have detected heavy concentrations of carbon fibre bicycles on the roads of Barry County. Yes - it's Barry Ruby training time.

 Here you can see the movements of the bikes. The clusters represent teams. The singular notations indicate people that are lost.

Looks tough, doesn't it? And this is only the training that went on this weekend!

By using heat imaging we can also detect more than just the movement of the cyclists over the Barry Ruby Course. If you look closely enough you can see glowing images. Those would be meth labs.

While scoping or racing the Barry Ruby course, you may occassionally see sights like this. This isn't a feed or medical station, so don't stop, this is just an impromptu, roadside meth lab. You can tell because it's so messy, bikers lay out the GU and water bottle in a more orderly fashion.

If you see people like this wandering the course don't immediately assume that they are course marshals unless they are wearing an official Barry Ruby "I'm An Official & Not a Meth Head" shirt. And make sure if they have a whistle there isn't smoke coming out of it when they "blow it."

One last shot of Barry Ruby practice from this weekend ... from high above the earth (again) ...

 For the parting shot we used the latest in telescopic technology ...

And we even used never before seen (or heard) long distance listening devices to record what was happening down in Barry Ruby Land.

The images and information were then downloaded (all the way from outer space) to the sophisticated and technologically advanced Crazy Bastard nerve center ...

The downloaded data was then crunched and analyzed by our crack Crazy Bastard analysts. Here's what this grumpy-guy Crazy Bastard analyst discovered ...

"Hey, where the @#$% are you guys!" we could hear Julie say all the way from outer space and back again. "I need to getting rolling to cool off. I've got too many clothes on. Let's go!

That's right -  it was just our adorable Julie "Boonen" in her black riding suit, tennis shoes and all, waiting at the top of the hill for the rest of her entourage to catch up. We may have spent millions in research and technology, but I, for one, think it was worth it. Hope you had a great ride today, Barry Ruby Riders!


  1. Caution! The aid stations/labs are booby-trapped (shot guns with trip wires, bowed tree limbs with angle snares, and camouflaged pits filled with razor blades) refuel at your own risk.


  2. By the way ... Barry Ruby™ is an original from The Michigan Scene. Nice one TMS, and thanks.