Saturday, March 17, 2012


Great setting sun behind the group. Wait you can't see shit! Oh, usual. Thanks iPhone, crap camera. Anyway the group still looks like they're having fun.

Thursday night's small Crazy Bastard ride (seen above). Dennis the Masher (dude watching you mash those pedals makes my knees ache), Jazzy Redline Jeff, Cupcake, and Dan the Dancake. Beautiful weather, but where were all the Barry Ruby Training Riders on this gorgeous Thursday night? Don't tell me they're tapering ... Seem so unlike them, doesn't it? As you can see Cupcake is rocking her new Irish Spring green kit. What you can't see are the sweet new Sidi's she's rocking. I got a close-up of them later on that night.

I thought these were weird. I mean blue doesn't really go with that Priority Health green, does it? I mean it's light green and this is really BLUE!

In other Crazy Bastard News I've got a lot of post to post, but haven't had time. Working away and riding as much as possible while the weather is so sweet, there just haven't been enough hours in the day or dark in the night. Thankfully, I've been receiving a number of few from you Crazy Bastards out there that make for instant posts.

The first one is of the Farmer's kids training hard for the rest of their lives as kick as bike racers and riders. Here's five year old Molly V, hauling her 7 year old brother Jake in a Burley at warp speed. I hope this plays, it's freakin' hilarious. Is that girl strong, or what?

Another video from Crazy Bastard Flying Bats (Craig R) that's right up our collective Bastardly-Alley. Hey it's warm out, I need some water. This stuff looks like it will quench my thirst with style. Enjoy and see you all next week, Tuesday as we say farewell, well almost, to the Barry Ruby people.

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