Thursday, March 8, 2012


To answer your question about "how was the mud on Tuesday," Aaron, I hope this tells you what you wanted to know

Aaron "Kill em, Klean em and Kook, Em" was one of many, well maybe the only person really, to ask about conditions on Tuesday, and the possibility of foreseeing what the conditions could be like tonight. While I have first hand experience of what conditions were on Tuesday - everything from hard-pack and sand, to slick slop on bottomless ruts - I can't really see in the future. But maybe from the following report and cross referencing with today's weather, maybe you can guess.

Cold weather last week had Julie Boonen wearing some heavy numbers to keep her warm.

81,192 matter of fact. While they made a fashion statement in the cold (see the snow in the background, they weren't needed on an almost balmy Tuesday night ride.

On Tuesday Julie wore a sleeveless shirt, a lot like the one pictured above, because she said it was "too warm for a jacket." Of course this is just a dramatic recreation of Julie Boonen's riding apparel on Tuesday, we missed the shot - but you can tell this isn't Julie because this young woman isn't blond. But you noticed that right away, right?

Tuesday was a great ride - except for the mud bogs we encountered around the loop. We had about 15 riders, all of whom I cannot remember right now - We did have Dave S and Mariposa bravely chugging through the goo on their tandem, Big Kahuna, Big Mac, Mike K, Redline Bastard, Bob S, and many more ... forgive me if I didn't get your name down, I'm having a block right now.

One creature that joined the ride, that I can't forget, is this dude. Yeah, he's back and he's sprinting like Canvendish being humped by Cipolini on crack. You know who I mean ... if you don't just take a trip down memory lane in this classic Crazy Bastard Adam McIntyre production.

Do the Bastards know how to ride in mud, or don't they? After the wallowing the gunk, they had the right tools in the trunk to clean up. Not one, but two power washers were blasting away in the parking lot of Tuesday night.

Big Mac power washing his trusty Ridley. He also washed the moving bits on my bike. Thanks Adam, that makes about the 876th bike you've washed this year.

Dave Staublin aka Blue Kona Dave also had a power washer going on Tuesday, as well. Here he is cleaning the thing that holds the stoker off the ground - that's right bike mechanics, it's the rear wheel.

Let me get that last little piece of crap out the cassette. Gotcha!

Good news is that some day the roads will dry out. Other news is that the time is going to change so now we can see beyond the small cone of light from our headlamps. When we're riding in the daylight the scenery is so much beautiful. Plus you can see why certain guys never made it back to the parking lot and why their car has been parked their for two weeks.

I thought I hear somebody yell back there. Now I know what happened to old what's his face.

So to answer the King of Kill and Kulinary Delights, my answer is that I think I'm going to ride downtown tonight. I think I'll try and leave the vicinity of Founders around 6.


  1. I'll be there, and i think i can round up Steve and the forgotten Bob. Yes Bob was with us on Tuesday night, but we kept forgetting about him. I am pretty sure he made it back, i got a text from him with some kind of babbling nonsense. I'll get the word out through my channels to be at Founders by 6!

  2. I put Bob's name in (above). I couldn't and wouldn't forget Bob.