Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Matty Ice showing us how to ride on snow (Single-Speed Style) at the recent Versluis Snowcross.

According to the media the worst "snowy-snowstorm" ever is on the way. While Redline Bastard will question our manhood for not showing up to ride tonight, I think a pass is due anyone who doesn't want to get caught driving out to the "hinterland," for a bike ride.

If it looks like the SNOWPOCALYPSE is going to hold off, I might be tempted to run out for a quick loop since it looks like when the storm does hit the universe and mankind (according to TV 8 and Terri DeBoer) is going to come to a white fluffy end. I guess that this is what is going to look like ...

Kind of a cute way to go, isn't it?

Getting caught in the snow also might have some dangerous side-effects that aren't so white fluffy and cute. Here, in this weird video some guy tells us how happy big snowstorms make wolves. Yeah they eat him at the end of the video.

Anyway if I do make it out I'm taking matches, a copy of Jack London's to light a fire, a cell phone, some Schnapps and tow heated trailer around behind my bike.

Let me know if anybody else is crazy enough to ride tonight

Who are those fuzzy people riding out in the snow?


  1. I'll be willing to give it a try tonight, that is if we can stay ahead of the SNOWPOCALYPSE.
    If you do decide to ride, don't forget to portage a little food. If I still remember the story correctly, it was a couple of biscuits the character carried, one in each armpit. I would thing that Big Macs would be more appropriate at this point in time. 

    Post up if you decide to ride...

  2. Too late, can't make it ... sorry about that ... just rolled in from meetings. It's starting to whip up here a bit, but no big snow. Good luck! Don't get eaten by wolves!

  3. Hope you all made it safe. It's 60 here in Myrtle Beach. By the way, the red Fuji is DOA. Broke the frame in 2 places on Saturdays ride. Who knows when the new frame will be in!

  4. Oh no! You broke it on the ride? Are you okay? Sounds totally Kahunapocalyptic!

  5. I think I ate too many tacos! Yeah it was on the ride. When we finished I noticed that the top tube had cracks in 2places across the TOP of the top tube. One of them was 1/2 way around it was either tacos or too much power!

  6. Too much power. That's what I'd say.

  7. I passed on the pre-blizzard ride last night, but it was a great to get outside this afternoon. 

    Kahuna, sounds like you have a good excuse for an upgrade, in fact I'm thinking about buying my little lady a new 60cm carbon fiber cross bike. 

  8. Its in the planning phase. Trying to get Fuji to take a stand so I can Negoiate with them. A 60cm seems big. I'm riding a 58". Im going out this morning for a little ride on my MTB before heading to the Airport to go to the warm south!

  9. New Fuji frame in the stable. Needs to have a saddle on her and she'll be ready to roll. that is if I decide to come home from Warm Florida! See you Bastards Next week!