Wednesday, February 23, 2011


What a night for a ride - yeah it was beautiful, you beautiful people - many of whom weren't there. But a small group makes it even more beautiful and romantic, doesn't it? To get in the mood for the super sweet and super romantic photos to follow I suggest you play the Yanni video below. Start the video and then start rolling down while listening to the fine Yanni sounds. If you watch the video you're out of the club, er, gang. Now enjoy.

Kahuna ready to roll. He's actually waiting for his flight to leave, but he's got a few minutes. Big Kahuna, International man of mystery. Yeah, he's hiding something behind that mask.

Steve's new whip. He's been riding it all winter but this is the first time anybody's seen it (on this ride) because it's always dark. I thought it was pink, but no, it's prettier than that, it's greenish yellow.

This is an actual photo taken while riding last night. I know you thought it was from a gift shop in Mackinaw City, or Cheyboygan, of Frankenmuth, didn't you?

Pathfinder, JeffZ (I think we'll start calling him Coldfinger) at an early intersection along with Kahuna and Steve.

Now I've gotten into the same shot so everybody at home can see us on vacation. Actually this make is look like there were 6 people on the ride.

The goodbye shot. The sun is just about gone, the snow is still there and it's time to turn on the lights and ride home.


  1. My car said it was 10d when we left and then quickly dropped to 8d! My feet finally had feeling after a hot shower and massage around 10 last night. With the sun out as long as it was I'm sure spring will be next week!... Nice ride, hope to see you Bastards next week. By the way, Steve did have a "pink" bottle on that Whip last night. (not pictured)

  2. Yes, it was a sweet night under the moonlight. The gravel roads were fast and clear. As always the pace seems to pickup as we approached the Honey Creek. And once again, I felt abandoned like a glow stick at the end of a rock concert. Discarded like a worn old cross tire. The solo ride home was a bit frosty.

    If anyone else is interested in the Rockies Ride, let know. We can register as a small group. The deadline for the lottery is in two days, the 25th. Check it out at the link below. Should be epic!

    Also, please help Surly pay his bar tab at the H.C. by clicking on the Google hamburger ad in the sidebar, thank you.

  3. Thanks Redline, I mean JZ, I mean Coldfinger ... he's the man, the man with the Redline touch ... sorry you were abandoned - should have come to the bar, I'd have given you a ride home ... don't know about the rockies ride, the race calendar is so choked with stuff I can't breath just looking at it ... thanks for being the Pathfinder, and keeping us from being swallowed by the big white last night. Glad you made it home with out frostbite ... or did you?

  4. what kinda tires are you guys runnin out there? will thursday be a mudfest? I may tape a mini-mag to my helmet and give a try to getting dropped

  5. Won't get dropped. I'm just running muds. Coldfinger is running things that look like road tires. With this snow anything works. No studs required. Hey not to say you ain't ...

  6. Watch out for BIG STUDS that go bump after dark....that's when the romance stops.

  7. Anybody riding tonight? I'm don't know if I'm going to make it back - stuck in Muskegon right now. By the way the blog just passed 30,000 views since June. Way to go Bastards ...

  8. I'm planning on riding.


  9. I'm riding. What do you mean you can't make it Kahuna? You're just in Phoenix. Some people come all the way from Wyoming. Wait, that's only ten minutes away. Okay you're excused.