Thursday, February 3, 2011


Are you feeling lucky? Well are you? Do you think that the Bastard loop will be rideable? Do you think there will be any beer and carp left at the Honey Creek? Do you think Robin will even remember who you are? WELL DO YOU PUNK? Well in all the excitement I forgot to plug in my light, so I'll guess I'll do it now.

Redline ... if you could give us a road review it might help in deciding to ride or not to ride tonight. Thanks Redline.

While we're waiting we can watch this ... again and again. It never gets old, does it?


  1. I'm going to give it a try no matter what. It might be the world's shortest and most cowardly ride, but if I can make it out there, and there's a place to park, I'm going to do it. Also, hopefully, in the next few days I'll have a new video of my ride downtown yesterday in the aftermath of the world's worst and most devastating snow storm. Or was it? See you out there, but if you don't make it, I understand. The drive out might suck, and the roads might be totally unrideable. I'll report back.

  2. The roads are in great shape with a few drifted areas, as to be expected. The wind is a bear! I had to ride early, I wanted to get a start on my sun tan.

    Ride safe..


  3. Great ride. Got some awesome video. If I stay up late I'll have a video, maybe tomorrow, if not, next week. The roads were very good. Some wind, wind burn, but feeling great!