Friday, February 18, 2011


First - great ride last night, with a little soupy mud, but not too bad. Smaller, but brave group of Kim T, Eric Kimber, the one and only Bob S, Steve B, Redline Bastard, and myself. There was somebody else but they drown in a bottomless mud hole. I have some video I'll try to put together later.

Now on with the mud. I'm hoping that the temps stay warm, that everybody comes out, and we have a real Euro-Style cross race. Bring your bikes, bring your beer, and bring something to clean the muck off. Here's a little video of what real Belgy-Style cross racing is - not that sanitized World Cup stuff, here's what people like us call racing in Belgium.

Enjoy, and see you Bastards tomorrow! Reg opens at 10 the races go off at noon, party starts about 1 - 1:30. BE THERE!


  1. Great rolling last night.

    We expect nothing less than podium from the master of mud at Snowcross II tomorrow, good luck!


  2. Don't know how muddy it will be. Not expecting a lot performance-wise, not really peaking. Spent the afternoon helping set up the course. Yeah, there might be some mud. Can't wait for that, it's awesome ...

  3. I will be there to watch and heckle... I may bring out my bike just to do a practice lap or 2 to test the bum leg. Just gotta find the address

  4. Big Mac and all - here's the info from the Farm Team site:

    When and Where?
    February 19 is the date. Registration opens at 10am. "A" racers will start at 12:00 noon. "B" racers will start at 12:01. Race duration and course length will be determined on race day based on weather conditions. Expect the A Race to last 40min to an Hour and the B Race to last 30-45min. While this is a cyclocross race, mountain bikes are welcome and may be advised if the snow is deep.

    Use this address in your fancy phones or satellite navigation systems to find the location of the race:

    3455 O'Brien Rd
    Grand Rapids, MI 49534