Thursday, February 24, 2011


When the Chef clicks his Cyclocross tongs of wisdom, people listen.

I couldn't decided whether or not (weather or not) to ride tonight so I consulted the Cyclocross Chef of Knowledge (pictured above if you've never visited this blog before). The Chef snapped his tongs together and said: GO FOR IT DUDE! While he says the road surfaces may be a little tender after being set on a medium heat, there should be an AWESOME SAUCE cover the road surface that should have the distinct flavor of Racoon Ass. If you know what that tastes like, you should be very pleased. The Chef also says he doesn't expect and GLAZING or CARMELIZING of the roads until later. About the time we'll all be at the HC. So, I won't be rocking any fenders, so look out if I'm in front of you or you'll get spattered with some AWESOME SAUCE. Other than that, hope to see some of you kids tonight.

On a totally unrelated note I'm posting Miguel Cabrera's (Tiger Slugger) mugshot from an arrest for DUI, open container (if you call swigging hooch directly out of the bottle of scotch into your pie hole "open") and generally being a big dummy, in Florida, about a week ago. The reason I'm posting it is that it seems the Big Mig is pretty happy about getting busted. Just look at him - certainly no Rip Torn, Nick Nolte, Charlie Sheen or the usual disheveled celbutard mug shot here. I guess the guy's a real tiger, huh?

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  1. A story about the Versluis Snowcross just went up on the Cyclocross Magazine site.

    Check it out!