Monday, January 31, 2011


Sad to report that Katie once again fell just one podium step short of her ultimate goal and lost on the last lap to Vos, again. The frozen hard ground, again, did her in. She needed some mud or snow to close the deal and it turned into what appears to have been super-fast track that suited Vos. Damn!

On the men's side, Stybar took it again, with Nys showing that he and Stybie are the two tough guys in world cyclocross, no matter what the conditions are. If it had been muddy it would have been the same two dudes up front. If you want to see strongmen run away from a World Championship field, check out this video of the last two laps. While the race, at this point, is already decided, you can see the Stybie is taking nothing for granted and gives it everything he's got. It's a beautiful performance. Most notable in the race for Americans, Page coming in 12th and Powers at 16th. Not a bad day's work for the Americans.

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