Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Now what's going on here? Abandoned Trucks in the Bastard Spot?

After being humiliated into riding last night by JZ (see yesterdays post and comments) I arrived at the "Meeting Place" to find these two lonely, abandoned trucks in the lot. What the heck, I thought, this is a well-known trysting spot, but two pick-ups, WTF?

There was a note on the windshield of one of the trucks which read:

Dear Joe:

You cheating P.O.S.! I should have known something was going on. All the time you and P.J. spent in the basement watching your favorite "Western" I should have known there was some funny business going on ... I watched it while you were out - some "Western". Now I find your and P.J.'s trucks out here. Don't bother coming home you JERK!

Your EX, Samantha.

While the getting ready for the ride Joe and P.J. finally showed up to claim their trucks and everything became perfectly clear. I don't know what "Samantha" looks like, but these two dudes are hot!

My pick-up or yours? And who are those idiots on the bicycles?

Getting Ready to ride. Dark, cold, snowy.

So after bidding Joe and P.J. farewell and good luck, we assembled and geared up. On hand for the ride was JZ, F-Bats, Big Kahuna, New Guy Steve, and my Surly self.

Getting ready in the semi-dark kinda sucks. But the thought that we might be riding into deep slush or ice kinda keeps you all warm inside.

Checking the studs - yeah it's stud-master Craig, aka Flying Bats. Besides a knowing his studs he's also like a Wikipedia on Sid and Nancy. They were close friends. Hi Sid, HIGH Nancy! Hide the knives, the kids are coming over!

You know the more I look at Sid and Nancy, I'm reminded of another couple ...

Really? Maybe ...

But on the ride, we left the lot behind and were just about around the loop, through a strong head wind, with the wheels headed for home when what do we see coming right at us ...

Yeah, that would be what we look at coming at you at night. Spooky isn't it? Immediately we started wondering if we were meeting ourselves riding in a parallel universe headed in the opposite direction, but then I thought, no I didn't take any medication tonight, so it was probably really happening.

There were shouts of joy and recognition, until we realized we didn't know each other - yeah we knew each other. It was Bob S's ride doing the same route, only the wrong way. Yeah, we were going in the right direction.

The last one going by, like ships passing in the night. Love the Tron looks. Very nice.

Back in the lot, ride finished, everybody upright, ride well done. Here's a fogged up and happy NEW GUY STEVE. He's got a beauty of a new bike, sharp and shiny studs and all the gear you need to for a proper Bastard Ride. Welcome to the club Steve.

Here's Steve shedding his foggy glasses and giving us the "sexy" CSI Miami look.

Like this, isn't it?

Here's what the ride look like to me when it's done. Actually this is what my world looks like. Yeah, I'm not cool like Horatio, or Steve. I'm just blind.


  1. Surly Bastard I’m glad you made it out last night!

    Thanks for only kicking my ass on the bikes last night. Remember, you are the Alpha Bastard, and you should be able to handle a little snipping from your pack. And you will have to admit that the ride conditions were even a little better than we expected.

    I did caution Steve, aka new Bastard, to stay clear of the Surly cam when suiting up, watering a tree, or playing pocket pool. That is unless he wants to end up on internet, or worse yet, a list on the internet. There is even the possibility of being caught up in sting. And sure, Judge Servaas will believe that a group of old men in tights, meeting in a park, in the middle of winter after dark, are just out for a ride, and not really supporting gay pride..

    Great job, Mr. G.R. Bike Snob…


  2. Haha! Glad you got me out last night JZ. It was a great ride. Best part we all stayed upright on that crap. Always glad to hear you made it home after you split off ... when are you going to make it back to the HC with us again? Or maybe lets throw on some beers and take a detour at your crib.