Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rich Rod's Goodbye Ride

It's hard saying goodbye. And sometimes it's hard to say hello. And sometimes it's hard saying anything at all. And sometimes it's hard to say you're fired or you're not fired.

Great ride last night with Bob H, Aimee, Flying Bats Craig, JZ Jeff (the pathfinder) Steve B, Matt ICE ICE Baby, and myself. The roads were in good condition with some nice fresh covering up the depleted ice. Nice riding most of the night - and long, we almost hit 2 hours.

It was our memorial Rich Rod ride, (back when we thought he was fired early on the evening of January 4) a one time memorial that I'm sure we'll all forget soon enough. Strangely some of us were really sad about RR getting the axe. But those were MSU Fans. The UM people had extra beers and seemed happy. Go figure!

I'll update with actual photos and videos of the ride last night later today.

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