Monday, January 17, 2011


I spotted the ad above, in this Month's Velonews (Cyclocross Issue, sort-of) and was disgusted to see the Tri-dork from the 1970's front and center. WHAT THE HELL? I thought. Did the ad agency know nothing of cycling, or what????? Check the guy out - ancient down-tube shifters, tennis shoes, creepy aerobars from the discount bin, cotton t-shirt ... man the list of shit goes on and fucking on.

Well, the next day after I spot the ad I see it hits Bike Snob's blog - he calls the "cyclist" a Retro-Fred, Tri-dork from another time, and so on. Very funny Snob stuff. So a few days later I see a flyer for the the Grand Rapids Triathlon featuring the same photo! WHAT THE HELL! (Again!) So I'm figuring this must be a free photo or something ....

But it doesn't stop there ...

Today on Bike Snob busts Grand Rapids Triathlon for using the same photo! Check out Bike Snob New York's post today - have a laugh - on us! Thanks Grand Rapids Triathlon!

Yeah, Tri-dorks unite! Rock your sleeveless jerseys (today would be a good one for that!) get your aerobars on, and get ready to ride down the rapids (see photo/flyer above). No wonder everybody on the East and West Coast thinks that people who live in Michigan are idiots and morons.

So who thinks we are cool here in the frozen Midwest?

This woman, probably. She's almost famous, too ...

In case you didn't recognize her, that's Brett Favre's sister. She just got busted for running a Meth Lab. So why does she think we're cool, living here in Michigan?

Because she lives in Mississippi. That's four i's and four s's, okay?


  1. Are you the "reader" he refers to as the source of the info? That is a pretty lame (well realy lame) photo!

  2. No I'm not the "reader" though you're not the only one who thought so. Somebody else busted GR. I can't imagine how anyone who knows anything at all - wait, I don't think you need to know anything about cycling - to know that that photo sucks. And sucks from 20 years ago!

  3. J.A. is the one behind the bike stage of first GR Tri. Is that a 20 year old photo of our man James? It looks like him burning down Grand River Dr...

  4. Well job well done then - so far that photo has been in a National Magazine ad (Velonews) and in an ad in Australia (see Bike Snob's post on 1.17.11) It's gettin' around.