Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Anyone feel like braving the icy roads out for a ride tonight? (I'm more concerned with the drive out than the ride). Do we need to train for the upcoming Versluis Snowcross this weekend? Post-up. If there is an overwhelming response I'll take the dog-sled out to the Bastard Meeting Place @ 6.

Speaking of the upcoming VERSLUIS SNOWCROSS ...


Versluis Snowcross apparently now has a "Critter" (seen above) to represent this classic Winter Cycling event. Go the Farm Team blog and check it out.

You know the Olympics always have adopted Critters and Crazy Looking Stuffed Animals to make the Olympics, more Olympic. I guess those rings just aren't enough. So it only makes sense for the SNOWCROSS to jump in the sporting event/doll game.

Here's a disgusting Olympic Stuffed Animal/Doll example from the past:

I'm not sure which Olympic these little bastards represented but I'm glad I missed it. As for the Versluis Snowcross, I think having a 'Doll' is pure genius. I only hope I can buy a SNOW-MISER at the event. And I hope he has a squeaky thing inside of him. I'll buy one for the dog and one for the handlebars my City SS.

As for the Versluis Snowcross, don't miss it. Here's a clip from their blog about the race.

Snowcross Is Back! *Versluis Orchards and Farm Team Racing are bringing back Snowcross for 2011. The first race is January 22, 2011. Our second event is scheduled for February 19, 2011.

It goes on to describe what Snowcross is, which is essentially silly racing on snow and ice followed by a bunch of beer drinking. I don't know if I needed a disclaimer for this, but okay.

After seeing the SNOW-MISER and OLYMPIC DOLLS, I'm thinking that maybe we need a Crazy Bastard Doll. What do you think?

Here are some options to consider:

While these are all Female Crazy Bastards, I think they fit the theme. But maybe we can do better. Maybe we'll suggest this bunch to Robin and the gals at the Honey Creek ... Waitress uniforms? Brilliant!

I think this guy is more "us", if by "us" you mean Crazy-Stupid-Fucking Bastards as Bob H calls us. (Like you're not here too Bob!)

Here's another one. I like these people. But maybe it's a little to "Naked Bike Ride" and Critical Mass for our delicate tastes, if by delicate tastes you mean I just threw-up Asian Carp in the parking lot of the Honey Creek

No, there's only one mascot for our group ... what do you think of this guy?

I think it says "Total Fucking Crazy Bastard," don't you? It will look great on T-shirts and make a great doll. Sqeaker included. I wonder what Bob will think though?

As for myself I think I found the perfect "Cartoon" avatar ...

Yeah, it's me hard at work in the Crazy Bastard Cave. Let me know if any of you Crazy Bastards want to ride tonight.


  1. considering making the trip out...
    anyone else in?

  2. I don't know. The roads look crap for driving and this shit is going to freeze up. I thinking I'm bailing if nobody else is into it but us (not that it wouldn't be a lovely ride with you) ... what do you think Bats?

  3. Talked to M-ICE. He thinks the roads are crap and is out - I'm in agreement. I'm out. I going bike / ski joring with the dog in the park.

  4. This sounds like another one of your teaser posts. Anyone want to ride? I want to ride, but I’m not really going to ride because I have to stay home and wash my fuck-in skirt.

    The plows are out scraping our rec. area as we text. It’s looking like the better of the two nights. I’m riding.


  5. Really? Okay then, fuck it, I'm riding then. I already washed my fuckin' (no hyphen) T-shirt.

  6. Now that's more fuck--in like it...

  7. I'm in. Who knows when the Kahuna will be in town again...

  8. I'm in... studded tires tonight..

  9. Leaving the studs home. I'm think snow, not ice.