Friday, January 21, 2011


I hope to see all of you at tomorrow Versluis Snowcross. It should be an exciting, as well as chilling event, as always! You can bet that the beer will be cold. So be there! Gun goes off at around noon. Check the Farm Team Racing Blog for complete details.

Unlike the cyclist in the above video I planning to be wearing almost all the cycling gear and clothing that I own. However, I do appreciate the style that's being rocked here, and think that I may incorporate some of these "cycling fashion statements" in the next Crazy Bastard uniform (if there ever is one!) The thought of JZ wearing a plastic skirt boggles the mind. Also, being plastic he won't have to wash it! Thanks to one of my favorite photographers, Andrea Tucker for posting this Copenhagen Cycling Chic-esque video bundle of joy on FB!

For those of you who don't know or don't care, I have an article in this month's CYCLOCROSS MAGAZINE. Velo City in Holland has these lovely magazines for sale, and according to MC Hammer if you buy one, I might autograph it if asked nicely, or threatened. While I am willing to oblige you with an autograph, I will have to warn you that my scribble on the the magazine will probably devalue the cover price, and the resale price as well, so that 15¢ you were planning on getting for it at this summer's garage sale will probably slump to something around 5¢. My suggestion is that you get West Michigan's Number One Globe Trotting Cyclist, that's MC Hammer, to autograph it. That should boost the garage sale price up to at least 16¢.

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