Friday, September 21, 2012


Remember this classic 'cross video by Big Mac last year? Relive the speed, thrills and crazy stuff that happened on course last year. Hopefully there's more of the same waiting on Sunday. And there's no f*cking sledding hill!
It's coming! The Swamp Thing is almost here. Can't wait to take another whack at this, and see if I can keep the tires on my bike this time. Also a good time, and so close to home! This Sunday, be there!

The gangs all here. Riding the course back in the summer before we all got those horrible face tattoos.

He knows where the Swamp Thing lives and he feeds it daily. Michael Babcock mowing the Thing's front yard.

Joe Lekovish is ready for the Swamp Thing. One of the best USAC Officials in the book, in my humble-ass opinion. Joe, I totally dig the cigarette smoke at the line. It's so Belgy. I feel like I'm in Belgium at a cross race or I've jumped back in time I'm doing the old Cadieux Cafe race.

As a special surprise, the SOA promoters are thinking about adding a new section to the course. I rode it last night and snapped some photos. Don't worry it's short, and you probably won't need wire cutters by Sunday. See you there!

I think I'll use the 34's with the Iron Maiden tread. Thank you, bitches.


  1. Was excited to race the old course that had smoothed out so well last year. Not so excited to rattle my fillings out... Off to locktite my fillings and every bolt on the old steed.

  2. someone should punch Joe for simply having that shit eating grin on his face.