Thursday, September 13, 2012


Usually we're the first to break new race videos of Stomach of Anger and Tailwind races, but not this time. Noooooooo. Lucky I even found this. JB has it all trussed up with Sponsorship stuff, but at the heart of it is one great course, and soundtrack. The only thing I wondering is who made it? It looks strangely familiar in style - from the music to the hole shot and the thrashing of the first lap. You take a look and see if you can tell me who it is lugging a GoPro along for the ride.

Not that you've seen it tell me who is the rider, racer, cameraman and producer. Tick the boxes and let me know. Winners will get one of these at the next ride, which may be tonight!

Shift beer prizes ... submit your answers in the comment box below.

(  ) Sven Nys
(  ) J-Pow
(  ) Dirk Diggler
(  ) Adam McIntyre
(  ) Lance
(  ) Adolf Hitler


  1. You're right and I'll send you a both a SHIFT BEER to enjoy while you're reading The Rise and Fall of Cyclocross in the Third Reich. Adolf Hitler did indeed out-kick the rest of those B-Boys to win the hill-sprint prime and take home the Sufferest training video. I mean "Sufferfest & Adolf Hitler," wut up wit dat, as the kids say? But the Livestrong kit the 'Dolfer was rocking for the race? Like everybody said later, "that Hitler guy sure is a douchebag."