Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Peeing Away Another Weekend Racing Cross

JB laughs at Mike S for actually taking a beer hand-up on Sunday at the Swamp Thing. Does JB think it's funny as in you're a clown Mike, or  now's my chance to kick your ass you fool?

A quick, and visual report of the weekend's racing follows kicking off with a KISSCROSS race at Highland Park. While Highland doesn't offer a lot of room, I must say that the Founder's Team made the most of it, and it was a fun, fast course. The best/worst part was the bunny-hop of a log at the bottom of the hill. Plenty of the carnage that people love to see at KISSCROSS, but man that looked like it hurt!

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

While we don't have actual footage of the crashes that occurred at Highland while people tried the flying bunny hop, you can get the feeling from watching "Joey's Okay!" just one more time.


After pre-riding the course during the summer, and early in the week before the race, I had my doubts about the new sections that had been added to the course. Luckily, rain softened up some of the lumps and bumps in the new parts, and it wasn't too bad, and I'm glad to report that I didn't come away with the dreaded "Cross=Back" I had last year after the first race. My "Shaken Baby Syndrome" wasn't even too bad. While there wasn't any KISSCROSS style land-mines to keep spectator's entertained with concussions, contusions and compound fractures,  there were beer hand-ups to keep it lively.


Cupcake as she appeared, blasting through the swamp, as the featured photo on the Lansing MLive news post this past weekend.

The Swamp thing got some good press, and there are a bunch of sweet photo of the race embedded in the story. See them all here.

As far as the race goes, other news in the West Michigan Women's B's category was Sarah McIntyre making a breakthrough and getting onto the podium.

Here's Sarah warming up her socks before the race - and eventually taking 3rd! Congrats Sarah.

Here's Sarah on the Podium (?) Or what has to be one of the strangest podiums, I've ever seen.

Sarah, the BIG 3, and the podium chair. Remind you of anything? Stay tuned.

Adam also had a nice ride, and a podium, step, er, podium chair or something something. The guy who got first is there, he's just invisible.

Oh wait, is this him? Hey buddy, your chair is waiting.

There should have been a chair for weirdest team kit. Another nice MLive Photo.

Slayer shows Don Cameron his wheel ... for almost the entire race. Jeff and Don pulled away from the rest of the pack for the two-top podium steps, I mean chairs ... another MLive Photo.

Craig Rawlings (aka Flying Bats) wasn't there for his Podium Chair. Too bad, Clint Eastwood was there to present him with some recycled embrocation. Also sorry I don't have a photo of Craig's new cross whip. I hope to have one next week - nice bike!

Speaking of nice bikes and new cross whips - here's Slayer's rig ready to race. Does this look fast to you? Nice one Slayer, and great race too.

Another Best-Of-Award goes to Vince Anila for his awesome cross-truck-rig, which may even surpass Big Macs Crazy Bastard Cross Trailer for hauling shit to the the race. Great rig Vince!

Things were a little different at the Swamp This year. Joe Lekovish wasn't in his usual spot at the concierge desk.

Guess he was home getting a shave - and some new pants. We missed you Joe!

Another thing was missed at this year's SOA Swamp Thing were bathrooms. Had this sign been at the race venue the arrow would be pointing you to a shopping mall a few blocks away.

Apparently the promoters had never been to the Fisk Knob Time Trial where peeing in public is almost a capital crime.

Unfortunately for this little guy, instead of getting First Chair in the junior class he got arrested. Nothing like getting the kids started early with cross racing and an arrest record.

Well it's on to another double weekend of racing, which seems to be the thing this year. Also in other Bastard news I think we'll move tomorrow's ride to a 6:30 start. Any thoughts? Also thinking about a practice tonight. Who's game?


  1. Great to see all of you Crazy Bastards!

  2. That smile is for Mike catching up to my beer with three to go.... Always a good time.