Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Crazy Bastard Ride Report, Dinner Plans, and What Hitler Thinks about Lance, The USADA and Tri's

Last night's ride was double the fun. Like Noah's Ark we were riding in pairs.

Actually there was one additional rider to the group at the start, along with the above pairings from Speed Merchants, Bissell, and Priority ... he didn't want to be left out.

Yes, one of kind for sure. You guessed it, Aaron Hunter-Killer and Culinary-Master Supreme and husband of Mrs. Hunter-Killer and Culinary-Master Supreme. He was the photographer, and the only guy not in a matching kit.

Big Mac met us later on in the ride, going the opposite direction. He was riding his old Ridley. Gee it had more bottom bracket clearance last time I saw it.

When he pulled up and stopped, he looked more like this. Guess he wanted to know how the weekend went.

Finished the ride off with this lovely brew. Seems that New Holland plans to take over the biking market.

Great ride, great weather and nice chums along for it all. Now, I was thinking, since everyone else is having planning parties for one thing or another, I think we should have one for the Crazy Bastards. We could plan an upcoming race, some practices, or a cross trip to some big race. First I think we should have it in somebody's backyard that has a gate like this ... 

Next, we should all dress and act like this ...

Speaking of sartorial splendor. Did you get a load of what Sarah McIntyre was rocking at Ithaca? Looks like she could be featured in an upcoming national post, as well as on a bike podcast. Nice riding, and nice kit, Sarah.

Finally, on last, or next to last thing. I know you were upset about the Lance thing. I mean, who wasn't. What you didn't know that Hitler was super pissed about it, and was upset about the effect it was going to have on Triathalons in the future. I love the part of him showing up at the Wednesday night club riding with the Lance bike and kit ... watch and enjoy!

If I was going to do tri's here's the wheels I'd get, for sure. Let me know what you think of these beauties. Anybody every rock them? They're made in Michigan.

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  1. That's New Belgium, not New Holland on the beer. Now did I get my beers confused, or my countries? Hell they speak Dutch in Belgium, so who cares, right?