Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It's Ladies Women's Cyclocross Day at the Crazy Bastards Cross Corral, so sit down and grab a cup of joe or a lo-cal-skim-milk-latte-machiatto and enjoy these great videos dedicated to Women's Cyclocross - as well as the Koksijde race venue that's returning this week to decide the World Championships.
The first video in the bunch is the absolute latest in Women's World Cup racing from Hoogerheeeeidie just this past weekend - it's not a great race video, but it's got pretty good music - and the awards ceremony is funny if you catch some of the announcer's bullshit. Vos ran away with this one, Katie had some crashes and ended up 4th.
The next video up is another one of those great Petitesreines' videos. This was this year's Women' 2011 World Cup held at Koksijde, site of this year's World Championship. Daphney VB won it while the now, almost unbeatable, Vos came in second. Katie came in 3rd after a very bad start - which unfortunately has been her thing this year. You'll also see some shots of Katie Antonneau, the young, very talented woman that took second in the USA Nationals, just a few weeks ago. And check out the sand boys and girls! This is going to be one tough race this weekend.

The next video is another Petitesreines' video of another World Cup held at Koksijde, this one was in 2010. In 2010 Katie owned the Women's World Cup, only to drop the last race (World Championship) at the end of the season. Let's hope she regains her power riding this weekend, like she showed the world here, and takes home the Gold! I can't even remember who came in 2nd and 3rd Katie was so far ahead. There's even more sand in this one. Looks like an absolute leg-breaking freakin' race. I'd be running - errr - walking this one.

This Ladies Women's Cyclocross Day Video was posted by Jodi Cohen-Babcock via Meredith Miller. It's essentially a commercial for Zipp wheels, but since I like Women Cyclocrossers, and have nothing against Zipp wheels, other than that they're so expensive I don't own any, I put it up here for you to enjoy. I thought it was especially appropriate on Ladies Women's Cyclocross Day. It features Meredith Miller, Katie Antonneau again, and the lovely Nicole Duke. Look for  Katie Antonneau and Nicole Duke at Koksijde this weekend, along with KfC.

Finally, here's one last video to complete Ladies Women's Cyclocross Day here at Crazy Bastard Cross Central. (Whatever that is.) It's a highlight reel of the US National Race. Nice music, Katie running away with it and a good chase by young Katie A and Nicole D. Enjoy. 
Watch more video of USA Cyclocross National Championships 2012 on cyclingdirt.org

Looking for a ride report - thinking about riding tonight, but wondering about ice in the great out-beyond? Who's in? Ladies Women are always welcome.


  1. SB

    If you checked the webcams you'll see that there is a lot of ice out there. I’m thinking about throwing the studs on and doing a lap or two.

    Is anyone else in?


    Hey, it's warmer than Thursday night.

  2. Surly it looks like you're going to run away with the Pick the Winners contest for the Ithaca GP...