Friday, January 13, 2012


Tomorrow's is the first FARMER'S FAT BIKE RACE at the Versluis Orchard. If you're not signed-up, you won't be racing. Also visit the FARM TEAM blog for complete details if you want to come out and watch, drink beer, and whatever else you do at a 3-hour long race featuring bikes with giant tires. There's limited parking so, you need to all come in the same beer wagon - or on just one very long, and very FAT BIKE!

Here's a taste of what racing one of the mammoths on snow could be like - this was just posted 2-days ago, from a ride taken in Colorado. I'm assuming that in a race you won't be doing as much stopping and contemplating, as this rider did when confronted with creeks, and death traps. But you never know. The whole thing (video) smacks of downhill ski videos, to me.

Luckily snow has arrived just in time for the race, so it will be an actual  Fat Snow Bike Race, or Snow Fat Bike Race or Fat Race Snow Bike, and not just an ordinary Fat Bike Race, if there is such a thing as an ordinary race on bikes with car tires. As for me, I'm waiting for the Summer Sand Bike Races (on Fat Bikes). These races will be point-to-point affairs. Last one to the cabana is buying the Margaritas!

Here's my ride. I built it myself out of three cross bikes and a 1971 Dodge Truck. I'm ready! Lets roll!

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