Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Adam McIntyre (aka Big Mac) at the finish of last week's New Year's Resolution Race. Blown-up, slightly beaten, but ready to go home and upload another great first lap video. You'll see mud "flaps" like the one sitting on the bill of his cap throughout the video. Enjoy! I was on the edge of my seat, reliving the experience of that course.

Early today I made the mistake of writing a headline on a post that made it look like the racing for the year was done and finsihed and that all that was left to do this winter was to pick through the beautiful remains of past races in a big old pile of videos. I was immediately taken to task for this mistake by the lovely and ever vigilant Iri Greco who set me straight with a message over a thing called Face Book this morning.

Iri Greco Who says the racing is over? Nationals, masters worlds, world cups, world champs!

I apologize for the unitended implication I put out there, Iri. I hope you accept my apology and "hell yes girl, there's lot of racing to be done" (none of which I will be partaking in because I'm done like dinner).

There's the upcoming National Championships in Madison this very week. Here's a peek at the course. Let me tell you I'm glad I opted for the Chicago course, after taking a "slip and fall" tour of the Madison course. I'm sure the ice will be gone by race day, but gee-willikers, Bat Man, that looks like it hurts!

After watching this I wasn't the only one who was having thoughts of loss of traction issues. Also on Face Book, I saw a comment by the poster of the video, Tati Cycles, in Chicago, that pertained to the extremely frequent and icy sections on the course that caused so many bike-to-ground-interface incidents - all captured on video.

Tati Cycles Just saw the #cxnats course preview video from yesterday. In related news, toe spike prices have tripled today.

Further comments ran in much the same direction, with similar concerns ...

Eric Goodwin Will the pits have orthopedic surgeons and titanium hip replacements?

Mr. Tati and his friends came up with a number very intelligent solutions to prevent painful Ice-face-Interface™problems. I'm sure you'll find these ingenious and innovative products once again being sold from under Mr. Tati's voluminous Sales Trench Coat™. Here's just a sample of what I just picked off Mr. Tati's Face Book Wall today. Hopefully these items are all ™™™™™™™™™™™™™™ and under full Tati protection - they look damn fine.

The first idea is pretty obvious. Even I could think of this one. I think I gave my dad a pair for Christmas.

But when mounted on an actual Bicycling Shoe™ - Voila! It's pure Velo-Genius™! I'll be on the podium while the rest of you Bastards are still slipping and sliding all over the course. (Not quite, I'll still be here - I'm not going to Nats.)

Of course the real answer to Ice-face-Interface™problems is in the video below. It's one of my favorite videos of all time because it features my favorite Cyclocrosser Sven Njis/Nys, and tires that I can't afford, and one of the cheesiest announcer openings of all time.  It also has a bit of Peggy Fleming in it (Wheeeeeeee!).

Maybe it's time the UCI reconsidered and legalized the Dugast Diabolo. Madison may prove that its time has come. After all didn't the UCI just make it legal to mount Pizza Cutters on your wheels? What the hell, why not get sliced and diced at the same time. It will be like some kind Ronco commercial out there.

Just for fun, here's another very entertaining cyclcross video from the USGP finale in Bend, Oregon. It's essentially a Specialized commercial, but it's very well done - not that commercial I guess.

Well I have to go now. The phone's ringing. I'm hoping it's Iri telling me that all is forgiven!

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