Monday, January 9, 2012


Congrats to the Michigan Racers who did so well at the U.S. National Championships:

Joe Brown on the Podium!
Tom Burke Top Ten!
Kim Thomas Top Ten!
Susan Shaw Broken Ankle (that's some trophy to bring home)!

Forgive me if I missed any other National Championship Michigan Crossers in this short and quick list - anyone who participated is a hero in my book, and you deserve recognition. I'm still on the road (no I didn't go to Nats) and I'll make amends for my errors, as well as digging out some appropriate photos of the above (and other participating) Michigan Cross Brave Hearts upon my return to the motherland.

While these few did a wonderful job or representing Michigan at Nationals, and gave it their all, I want them all to study the following video, in preparation for winning a National Championship. I mean I saw J-Pow and Mr. Katie Compton's, and even Nys quiet and tearful  "Winning" reactions, and they were nothing like this. Watch and learn Champions, this is how you celebrate your "Nats" Championship properly. Take it away Styby!


  1. What, did the wall come down and I missed it on the news?

  2. No sheesh. What a bunch of crazchies!

  3. I think is appropiate!