Thursday, January 26, 2012


Many years ago I covered an ICE RACE for a local magazine. The ICE RACE involved cars and motorcycles on a northern, frozen lake. I think I was the one who actually coined the phrase, "ICE RACING IS SLICK, BE THEREEEEEEE!™" My only other ice racing experience was the ICE RACE ON REEDS LAKE that was once a part of the late season KISSCROSS Series, also many years ago. While some of the contestants in that race employed homemade ice tires, spiked with 100's of wood screws (what a sound those made on the ice!) I opted for a standard cycle tire run nearly flat. My percentage of falls was just about as good as anyone else's that day.

Ice riding is slick! Be there!

From recent comments it seems like it getting to be that a man isn't judged anymore by his VO2 max or mad skilz with a bike, but by the length of his studs on his tires. While many have gone down the studded-tires -and-fender road, I have resisted, for the most part, for the main reason is that I find (imho) studded tires take away about 80% of everything that's fun about riding a bike. What fenders do, no man can say. (Thank you Orson Welles for that last line - I've always wanted to use it.

Here's what I'll be riding tonight. No studs required! Impossible to tip over no matter what the surface or riding conditions.

So at this moment I'm planning on riding tonight. While I may try to mount up some studded tires before the ride, I'm thinking that riding conditions will probably not be that bad and will just plan on a route that avoids traditional slick spots. If that fails I will be taking the Goldstein Advantage!


In other news I'm happy to report a team of which I am a member continues to lead the world in cycling fashion wear - and that it looks like we're challenging the Rapha team (see yesterday's Behind the Barriers video) for coolest shit that you can rock maybe-but-not-really on the bike.

Resplendent in new team gear for winter. Now I just need some ear-flaps, or wider wings on the logo, to hold those damn ears down!

 The jacket is rocking style, as well as some neat zippers. If I ever wore this on a bike you bet I'd be rockin' fenders.


One last parting shot, and today's video. Here's a short clip of Nys racing on the same course that will be the venue for this weekend's World Championship - Koksijde. While it may not be ice, the sand is something else, and nobody can ride a bike on sand, or ice, like Sven Nys. Check it out ...


  1. I value my hips and d elbows! I assume the other 20% is getting back to the car in one piece? think i have been missing out some how, I thought it was about being outside in the winter,(and not in a stinkin gym),burning a few cal's, talkin trash, and hanging out. Maybe you can school me tonight (and not dropp my FA!) By the way, tke a look at the studs on your lion logo, that dude is ready for the ice! See ya tonight Surly!

  2. No ride for me tonight, but if anyone is interested in a Saturday ride, I'll be departing from Townsend Park at 10am.