Thursday, January 12, 2012


Watch more video of Who's #1? Cyclocross Rankings 2011/2012 on

Who's Number#1? Well if you don't know who's number one by now, you're living under a rock. Of course there's still some racing to be done, with Worlds on the way.  The Cycling Dirt above is a pretty good recap (and funnier than hell), and yes, as Colt says you can find hundreds of videos available interviewing the Champs - but I think this one is the best, with Julie Lockhart, the 70+ Women's US Champ. I saw her on course in Chicago, crashing in a sand pit and struggling to get up, and back on her bike. She's pretty amazing. Just check it out. She's was coming back from having plates put in her pelvis and her clavical in August - from a training riding accident. Awesome!

Planning on riding tonight. Guess I missed a large group on Tuesday, but was sadly unable to make. Last time I rode, I took my apres ride dining and drinking to Vitales, in Ada, rather than the Old Haunt. The service, food and drinks were great - tasty and you could split your bill - and were pretty well assured that you were paying for what you ingested. The only problem I had (and I always have one don't I?) was the entertainment. I wanted to sit and talk and tell lies about cycling, but there was this damn guitar player/singer entertaining a crowd that looked like they were more interested in the Red Wings game, and lying about their cycling exploits, than listening to his f*cking mellow-ass music (actually he was a good muscian).

Somewhere, in the midst of gobbling my second meatball and glass of wine, I had a yearning to recreate the scene from Animal House where Belushi takes the guitar and ... well you know what I mean. If you don't, take a trip back into Animal House History. We'll all like to go here, at some time, wouldn't we?  But if I do this, where the hell am I going to go for something to eat after the ride. The options are closing.

Planning on 6 tonight. Hope to see you Bastards there. Post or call if you're going to be late. We'll wait. Yeah, sure we will.


  1. Anyone thinking of riding? Man it's raining and cold here. My fear is driving out and coming back on icy roads. Thoughts? Comments? Rationale for going to the gym ...

  2. You need to pick the winners:

    I want to see the Surly picks...

    And riding? WHA?? Get your XC skis ready, looks like we might finally get snow.

  3. These bikes work on snow, too, you know.

  4. I'm out... have too many things to catch up on... still have to get my cross bike serviced after the holland race... flying bats...

  5. Well, still thinking of bundling up and SSing it. Anybody? Mom?