Monday, May 23, 2011


So as many of you know the world officially came to an end yesterday. While I haven't felt much different than usual, it doesn't mean that it didn't happen, right? I'm always a little behind on the big things. And the litttle things, too, for that matter. If you're like me, and I hope you're not, and you didn't know that the world came to end yesterday, well then, it's time to get on it and play some catch-up, okay? Best place to start is watching this awesome end-of-the-world video.

Now that you know that the world has ended, again, let's catch-up, or catsup, on what bicycles, and the rest of the cycling world, is going to look after the new "the world-has-ended era" has kicked in, and literally put its kick-stand down on all of us. You'll now it has actually happened when you get a Friend Request from the End Of The World.

To begin with, cyclists being an odd lot, there were some celebrations for the world-ending. At the Farm Team Racing Headquarters on EOTWD (End Of The World Day) the Farm Team had a fancy going away party for Joe 3, who will be on secret assignment from now on, as well as having some cake and beer to celebrate the EOTW.

Nice EOTWD Cake by the Farm Team. Notice, no candles. Who needs 'em. It's all over, right?

Some of our friends, like Killer Kubiak, got inked to celebrate EOTWD. Here's Killer's beautiful tat, which represents, I assume, flying off the planet on EOTWD, on a flaming, winged bike. You've got to love it ...

Meanwhile, at Founders of all places, there was a party between the Police and The Cyclists celebrating EOTWD. I guess we don't have to worry about sharing the damn road now, do we ...

Lots of people, cyclists, police, and friends of both on hand for the EOTWD at Founders. Let's party like there's no tomorrow - pretty much like every day at Founders.

Of course I promised you some EOTWD bikes, didn't I. Well, while this bike may not be the EOTWD prototype, the bike we'll all want to ride when there are no more tomorrows and no place to ride, I think this bike might actually be responsible for the EOTW.

Sure, it looks like another Hipster-fixie-wet-dream, but take a closer look. Well not that close.

Play Me, indeed. Looks suspicious, doesn't it?

Maybe it was the White Virus that caused the EOTW. It's all over this bike.

Whatever ... all I know in the citizens rides, crits, road races, time trials, mountain bike races and 'cross  in the world after the end of the world, here's what I'm going to be riding.

Right after the guy who made it builds it up, 'cause I have no 'fing idea what wheels to put on it.

The EOTW is gonna by totally aero, I guess.

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  1. LOL Funny. Nice assumption. I think your assumption is absolutely right.