Thursday, May 12, 2011


As many of you know I have been very sick lately, and have not been able to attend the last week's major cycling events which include the Ada TT, and Grattan. While this probably hurt my chances at an overall World Championship this year, I am hopeful that I can kick this bug, and be back irritating my fellow cyclists soon.

Before falling ill, I was able to take the new SS cross bike out for a spin a at the game area. Yeah it was cross bike vs mountain bike single track. Guess who won?

It was the first time I had turned these cranks, in anger. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun on a bike. For some reason the SS cross bike was the weapon of choice for that type of easy, flowing single track. Will I ever take the mountain bike again? Well, I gotta get well first.

On my test run I took the Betty along. She successfully drank everyone's water on the trail in just seven miles of riding and running. Several people died of thirst after giving up their water to this "hog of a dog." The dehydration she caused, in my own case. might have been one of the contributing factors to my illness.

Not long after the ride I was sneezing like some of my favorite Japanese Anime characters. I could watch them sneeze forever, couldn't you?

While walking around in a Robitussin stupor, I received a letter from Google. At last, I thought, these less than worthless fuckers were sending me a check for all the fine work I had done over the past several years. Inside, I hoped, would be a check for the 74¢ they owed me.

At first it was hard for me to read the contents of the letter. I was wearing what amounted to Biking Robitussen Google-Goggles, as seen above. But it was pretty apparent that there was no check enclosedy.

Instead of a check they gave me $100 in AdWords credits, which essentially meant they were giving me nothing at all. You'll see I have improved the "Credit Card" to protect identity theft and to reflect what I think is the basic message here. Do you really think that if I used this I could double the number of visitors to this blog, and double my 74¢. Somehow I don't think so on either count.

One more blast of Robitussen and this is how the world was looking to me. With all the creepy news about Google this week, and how they were spying on everybody, and as looped as I was, I had my own spy googles on and was looking for them (Google) sneaking around the Crazy Bastards headquarters.

It was kind looked of like this in my addled mind ...

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