Friday, May 27, 2011


Time to hydrate and go racing in Frankenmuth, Michigan

Yes it's that time of year again. Time to break out the Lederhosen and go bike racing in Frankenmuth, Michigan at the good old Tour de Frankenmuth. While some (a friend on Facebook) called the Tour de Frankenmuth the "FLATTEST ROAD RACE IN MICHIGAN," I gotta tell you I totally disagree with that "flat" part.

The feeding station. A lot of accidents happen around feed zones in bike races - I think you can see why.

Here, as you roll through the downtown "feeding station," just beyond the start/finish, you can see that the terrain isn't really that flat. You've got to be on your toes, and keep your head up - or who knows where you might land.

Power and guts are what counts in the Tour de Frankenmuth.

True, with just a few rolling hills, this is pretty much a pure power rider's course. A strong sprint at the end is a must. You gotta know how to pour it on right down to the end.

A good team is worth its weight in something, ja?

A good team counts for a lot in a race like this. Reeling in breaks, blocking for your guys in the break, leading out to the bar, I mean finish line sprint. Making chicken sandwiches. Carrying me back to the hotel. It's all about the team. Thanks team! Sorry I gave all of you the flu ...

 Now this is what I call a finish line. Only in Frankenmuth ...

 After a few tough laps, and if I'm lucky enough to get there, the finish line, and I do mean finish line, is a welcome sight to behold. Nice line, nice finish ....

 Entertainment galore. The band plays on.

Racing  in Frankenmuth just isn't rolling mounds, hills and curves - it's also about entertainment. Yeah, I can't wait to hear these guys playing when it's podium time. Not like I'll be there.

To the victor, and the finishers, go the spoils. Yeah this is 'spoils' for sure.

So I'm packing my bag, I might even take the bike, and preparing for the onslaught of geezers all gooped up on GU and overpriced bikes -  and eventually the beer drinking. If there's anything to report when I get back, well I might report it. If I don't see you at the TdF, then I hope you have a great weekend and holiday.


  1. SB

    Are you healthy and back in top form? I see by your post that you haven’t lost your appetite for the finer things in life. That is, large mugs.

    I noticed some scorch marks out in the game area last night, I figured it must be you burning up the trails.