Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Is this the parking lot at stage two of the Tour of California, or the usual trysting spot for cowboys on the Crazy Bastard loop in the winter? Oh, who the hell cares.

I was looking around for post material and I just thought that the snowstorm story and the ATOC was getting old, and who wants to hear about how crappy its been in Michigan, either?And Cavendish at the Giro uggggh, wasn't my cup of tea either. So just by luck, I stumbled on a new 'cross video, from our 'cross brethren in Colorado, and posted on one of the best Cyclocross sites, Mud & Cowbells.

Some of the action segments were so good, I was getting chills. Then I realized that I was still sick. There's some nice "explanatory" stuff about 'cross here, which you all know, but still it's boiled down into nice phrasing so you can explain it to Grandma. If she every asks.

Enjoy! It's a nice fall day, after all ... a perfect day to dream on about cyclocross.

Since the creators thought this video was too good for me just to post it up on my lousy blog, if you'd like to see it just click WATCH IT NOW!

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