Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tooo Hot For Me....

Tuesday night ride report.
I intersected with Surly on my ride into Townsend on Six mile just before Giles. We took a quick spin out to Scally returning on the southern route. Road conditions were fast for the most part with a few sections of sand thrown in just to keep things interesting. It was great riding in the shade of the trees with temps nearing the 9o degree mark.
Surly was riding like a fine tuned hipster machine, leaving my sad-self in the dust. Nevertheless, I look forward to the next ride.


  1. I guess I should have stopped by your place for beers after the ride. . I hope that girl doesn't burn herself on that hot grill. Nice ride, but hot, no oxygen, etc. Nice layer of fine dust over everything.

  2. Was that pic from the ride last night? Beats deadly swans and rowdy retrievers.

    Blue Moon is my favorite!!!

  3. Sorry I missed this ride. Those are two lucky beers.

  4. I rode with a bunch of sweaty dudes. Damm I missed out!

  5. Sorry for the incomplete ride report. I was having formatting and posting issues with blogger yesterday.

    Kindly meet Zasha, she just arrived in the States from Siberia. I found her on Craig’s list under Russian Housekeepers. As you can see she is having a hard time adjusting to our summer temps. I hired her to give my wife a hand around the house and to be my beer tender.

    So far so good, bottoms up.