Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The rides have started, and so have practices, in some dark corners of the Crazy Bastard Kingdom. Let's start making plans for the upcoming season which is NOW ONLY FIVE WEEKS AWAY! There will be clinics and practices races galore, so check in and find out when and where they all are.

If you aren't chomping at the knobby-bit for some cross action, here are a few old snaps I found laying around that may get you off your fat/skinny tires and start thinking about cross. Let's make a ride date for Tuesday or Thursday of next week and have a meeting at the Honey Creek to plot our course for 2010.

The DOUBLE CROSS. First big race of the year will happen at Waterford, not Clarkston (pictured here). This was just the 45+ Master's race lining up, two years ago. Haney is in YELLOW next to me (God awful kit I think he donated his to a prison somewhere in Georgia). 

A couple years ago: Mudfest in Holland, in December. Jurrien shows how to do it in Belgie style, HUP UNITED Noir Kit, and ankle-deep black mud. Looks delicious doesn't it?

Yeah, got to start practicing those remounts now. Don't know if I can get my fat ass that far up in the air anymore. This was warm weather racing in Kentucky.

The race that's no longer with us. This shot was rolling into the music stage at Ithaca, which sadly won't be on the calendar this year.

Cupcake dressed as a Tiger? Looks yummy either way. Yeah, she bites, so use caution. Just a taste of the 2009 costume race at Ann Arbor last year.

Only in cross can geezers that should be embalmed in embrocation hook up with hot chicks like this. And yeah, that's Monica, hoping BART will show up and beat the crap out of this old Crazy Bastard. Love the pink shades. That girl knows how to dress for a race, doesn't she?