Sunday, February 5, 2012


What's wrong with this picture. No, it's not a super-slo-mo shot. It's stuck that way.

Busy with work, I have been unable to keep up with latest news and reports from Crazy Bastard-land, so here's a long over-due update from last week's ride on Tuesday. I'm hearing that there wasn't much action on Thursday, probably because every body's bike looked like the thing above. Just washed this bike off yesterday and tried to revive the chain ... but no go. It's dead.

Here's BK Dave and Mudlicious-Mariposa celebrating (in some strange way) after the ride.

Here MM, Mudilicious Mariposa, models her new mud jacket. Did I mention that BK and MM pushed a  tandem through all that muck? Yeah they're tough guys.

With great temperatures we were tempted to stretch the ride out and went up to where the Crazy Chihuahua lives. Except for the mud damage to the bikes, it was a great ride - I thought so, anyway.

Doug, the face of last week's dirt road ride. Mud-Dug,  that's what we'll call him from now on.

Pushing the massive weight of studded tires through thick, leg-sapping mud, the effort finally made one of Kahuna's eye's explode. You'll look bad-ass with a patch Kahuna.

What the hell is this? It used to be a helmet, no it's some strange clod of white clay. Time for a new drive train, bike and helmet? 

A thing of beauty. Ready for sacrifice to the muddy roads?

I'm replacing the rear derailleur on the training bike with the one above for next week's ride. Think that's a good idea? I can have it cleaned at the jewelers. Check back on Monday for over-the-weekend race reports and some information on the state of cross in the USA. Also - how about a CBX After-The-Season party? It's in the works, who's interested?


  1. Surly you indeed are a crazy man. That chain needs to find its way to the trash! How did the bearings fair...?

  2. I can't tell how the bearings are. Nothing on the bike will turns so ... wait! That means the bearings are toast too! Actually I was going to see how long this drivetrain would last this winter, with no replacement of anything, until total failure occured. Looks like I got their earlier than expected - one bad ride. I'm going to have to cut that chain off with bolt cutters. Spent the weekend riding in the mud with the SS. Viva la cheap chains!

  3. Kahuna looks like a character right out of a B-horror movie, terrifying! After seeing his photo, I locked my doors. I may not go out after dark again, at least not without a baseball bat. Very disturbing!