Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cross Videos from Near and Far: Plus Riding Tonight

2011 Mad Anthony Cyclocross from Hans Nyberg on Vimeo.

I just recently saw a new video by Ten Mile Media, by Hans Nyberg, from a race earlier in the year - Mad Anthony. This was a great race, one I can't wait to do again this year. You'll see a lot of Bastards in this video, though I have yet to spot Big Mac in here - a video of his classic Tom Muesssssew move that he made in the maze after the barriers was pretty spectacular. Anyway, you'll see Cupcake, Nancy Lange, Matt Graves and a few others, including my Crashopotums self, hammering away in this thing. Check out the fun, the course, the crowd. Make sure you make this one next year!

While this is another commercial video (for Giant) it's not that commercial, and has some lovely video along with a few words by Katie Compton. Check out the mud, sand, and power that gets laid down here. Awesomeness on two wheels, for sure.


It won't be this muddy tonight - I hope. Not only was  the chain destroyed in last Tuesday Night ride, the jockey wheels are frozen tight, the cassette is gone to rust and who know what else has turned to crap. It better not be muddy tonight, I'm running out of bikes. Single speed nation from now on.

I may be delayed in reaching the ride tonight as I have a late meeting in a place called Muskegon, wherever in the hell that is. While I may not be there for the launch, I plan to be there for the end, and will be waiting to greet the survivors of the ride in the parking lot, or at the Honey Creek, if you're just too damn slow or have gone too far (riding to much already, are you?) for me to wait. Yes, I am impatient. While a little cooler than the past few days, at least it won't be as muddy.


If you are a member of a thing known as Facebook, you'll be well aware that it is dangerous to ride a bicycle on trails where the ground that is too soft or squishy, as you can cut the planet clean-in-half. It is especially dangerous to ride mountain bikes and fat bikes on squishy surfaces, I've heard, though I'm not sure why. The best option, it seems is to ride on dirt roads, pavement, or other people's trails, and not your own. Many postings on Facebook are warning people not to ride in certain places because of the danger. Here is my favorite warning so far:

"Please stay you stupid fools!"

I nearly cringed in fear, and indeed curled up in a trembling fetal ball on the basement floor, and nearly swallowed the gag-ball I had been chewing on, when I saw the warning above. First, it doesn't really make sense, so I not sure if this person wants you not to move, stay away, or what, I just don't know for sure, but fear of the unknown is one of the greatest fears of all. The second most frightening thing about this warning is that it's written in the same language and word choice as this guy, below, uses, who is a frequent contributor to the Michigan Scene, one of the greatest blogs ever blogged.

I was further horrified to watch videos of muddy tracks on local trails leading into some dark woods. My hope is that it will rain someday and wash away those tracks, and the surface will be as smooth as a golf course, once again. As you know, nobody likes having their squisky surfaces messed up like golfers, well I guess you can include mountain bikers in that group too, now. Here's a little video of some guys digging up a golf course with some motocross bikes, along with the reaction of the golfers which is either: "HEY YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN/GOLF COURSE!" or "PLEASE STAY YOU STUPID FOOLS!"

Of course if you want a real lesson in tearing up a golf course, or riding on a squishy surfaces, maybe it's time to revisit a ride-along over a golf course in Chicago, with Big Mac. "Hey Adam, stay out of my sand traps!"


  1. its always good to come and hang out here..

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  3. Check out the Surly Bastard wearing #313 at 3:13, racing in the "313"!

  4. 3:27 in the group waiting at the start in the FW kit :)

  5. 4:46 left hand side of the screen... do you even know me?

    8:39... eye spy.... name it, and you win, something