Monday, February 27, 2012


For a racer's view of last year's Mad Anthony race in Detroit, sit back and enjoy, once again, the Good Doctor Adam McIntyre's rocket ride around the 2011 course.

With shameless promotions now behind us it's time to start looking ahead. People are already scheduling and planning there lives around races next September. Hard to believe, isn't it? But it looks like a great year is with more races, more fun, and more stupidity than ever before - especially with the Itchaca Grand Prix back in the mix. Aaron "The Kulinary Killer,"was asking last week about Mad Anthony, and I was going to put up a video of race from last year, but found that it is "NO LONGER AVAILABLE" because the producer's have shut down their account. Hmmm. Anyway, AKK, here's one from 2010, that shows you an overview of the course, while not quite the buzz to it as last year's event you'll get an idea of how cool the course and venue is.

Talking about a cool course, venue and vibe, here's a video of the World Championship in Koksijde you may not have seen. It's now thought that there were nearly 70,000 people at this year's WC. Wonder how many there will be in Louisville this year?

The NEW KITS with salacious photographs some crash updates will be up soon. Planning on riding tomorrow if anyone is still able to limp out there. Also putting together a post on all the new bikes that have popped up here in the last year. Want your whip featured? Email me or send it via Facebook.

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