Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sunshine & Lollipop Thursday....Lets Ride!

I'm introducing Fluff the Magic Kitten. He's around to take your minds off all the vicious Kujo the Killer Chihuahua talk that's going on. He brings peace and happiness to all that are around him. He's some type of Zen Bhuddist kitten who is trained in the art and mystique of meditation by monks from the far east. By the looks of it that cool cat in the basket can probably contort himself into 87 different yoga positions. He may be just the mellow feline we need to take on Kujo on the north end.

Fluff is definately a cool cat. He digs this stuff as well:

While Fluff may tip a few back, he can't buy the stuff. He's 21 in cat years, but his drivers license shows him at 3.5. I'm buying though. Maybe not enough for everyone, but enough to pay back what I've "borrowed." I've been leaning on my fellow bastards for post ride drinks and need to share the wealth. Not sure what I'll bring, but it will probably be cheap and tan in color:

Yikes! I'm talkin' beer bastards. It'll be beer.

Anyway, that's enough gettin' away from what's really important. Things are in place for a good ride Thursday. Looks like I have 4 or 5 guys already rigged up to go...even a couple newbs to break in. Would be nice to see some other bastards start to make a return as well. Where's Tony? Where's the West Coast Bastards? Hupsters? Get those CX bikes ready to roll! Rise and shine boys, same bat place, same bat time (check the clock):

Even though it's only Wednesday, I'm looking forward to tomorrow.


  1. Somebody tell Werdy his girls have logged in and are making posts, there's fluffy kittens, sparkles and crap all over the place! Eeeguurrgh!

  2. Welcome to my world Surly One. Welcome to my world.....

  3. Werdy - Don't know if my timing will allow but I'm hoping.... Will give you a call closer to go-time to verify.