Monday, August 16, 2010

Double Cross Race and Bee Stings

Here's a good one if you like classic cyclocross racing. You'll notice that the flyer has a classic cyclocross feel to it, so you know it's a classic. The venue is a race track, pretty much like Grattan, with a flyover (Orange Crush), gullies, dirt, gravel, grass, a little-but-not-much climbing, and big-wide-long-ass stretches of smooth pavement. There are also a crap load of bees in some parts of the parking lot as I remember. One of them flew all the way over to the Game Area in Cannonsburg last night and stung the shit out of me. The bastard. I hope he died from biting me. Yeah, my blood is toxic to insects. I'm thinking of bottling it and selling it to kill bees everywhere, because I hate bees. Especially that f-cker that bit me. It bet it works better than all that crap I bought at Menard's last year.

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