Friday, May 28, 2010


Okay so it's pretty obvious why The Tour de Frankenmuth is my favorite road race of the year. Yeah it's not getting chopped off in the final turn by some a-hole who should still be in training wheels, the potholes, the long, boring sections through boring farmlands, or being worked over by giant thugs from the Hagerty on the last lap. No it's the it's the waitresses at the Beer Garden and the German-Industrial All-You-Can-Stomach Chicken joints like Zenders and the Bavarian Inn. I think you can see my point(s) above.

Of course another highlight of the Frankenmuth race is sitting around with the team after the fun is all over and counting out the $13.75 we won and singing traditional Bavarian Beer Garden Songs. Let me tell you, you can't buy that kind of bonding for $1.27, anywhere in the world.
But the number one reason for racing in Frankenmuth  is of course the Lederhosen. Man, I cannot get enough of that Lederhosen. Can you? Or the German waitresses. Those pigtails are hot, ja?


  1. They need a cross race there....

  2. Kaat Von BrasshaartMay 29, 2010 at 12:20 AM

    See you there. Of course I'll be sporting pigtails, hot or not, cause that's how I roll.

  3. Kaat, I think I remember you from the All Quiet On The Western Front, and yes, that is how you roll. Das Hottie.

  4. Damm, We left too early. I missed the best part of the race! Great to see lots of CBs' out there. 1st RR and we actually stayed upright the whole way. Surly you are right the farms are a bit boring, but but us poor bastards were too busy watching out for the training wheel crew to even notice! See ya Wed, lighting and all!

  5. Well done Kahuna. Had a chance to talk to Steve, but had to run before the giant beer started to cool on the bar. I am one tired Bastard today. See you Wednesday.