Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Today, the above rain poem seems perfectly appropriate. Anybody up for a ride? How about a cross race in the nearest park for some mud flingin? Nope. None of the above.  Just sitting by the window, working, thinking: I'm not riding in this shit, no freakin' way. Looks like the whole week may be like this, too. 

SPECIAL GRATTAN RAIN RACE DOUBLE-POINTER: Cycling race fans are now collecting their special rain gear and umbrellas for another exciting edition of Grattan where racers can earn double-points by braving harsh elements like rain. Get one of these sweet umbrellas and show them what you think of their heroic cycling effort, and the fact that they dragged you out on a cold and wet day to watch a cycle race!

I'm happy, or unhappy, I'm not sure which, to report that my friend Conrad who was smashed up pretty horribly in last week's crash-o-rama is home from the hospital and on the mend. I hear that he has his Lumberjack 100 entry up for sale, so if you'd like one, I know where you can get one ... unless it's already been snapped up. Get well Conrad, miss you buddy.

Even though it's too late (two years too late) and even though I'm all for cars and oil, except when it's floating in the Gulf of Mexico of course, I still would have turned out big-time for this cycling event to cheer on the participants. Looks like way more fun than racing.


  1. Sorry the photos are too small to read. Oh well, better luck next time.