Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Classic Bastard ride last night with Tony, Patrick, Russ aka Mavric's Dad, and myself. Rolled for over two hours, sometimes grinding it out in six-inch deep mud. We covered a lot of ground and despite the mud it was one sweet ride. I had rolled out a little early (two hours!) and discovered in my pre-ride that some some roads were not only of the Dirty Martini variety, but in some cases were Deep-ass Mud Martini variety.

In some spots, even at the top of the big loop above 13 mile the road, the surface was covered with puddles, filled with, you guessed it, Muddy Waters. I have seen Muddy Waters in concert, albeit through a dense acid haze, and I have ridden through a lot of muddy water, and let me tell you Muddy's guitar riffs were a lot more fun. Especially being that high.
If any of you aren't familiar with Muddy Waters work, may I suggest one of his greatest albums, Electric Mud. Thank goodness there was no Electric Mud on the road last night - if there had been Mavric would be an orphan today, and there would be no overlong and boring post to read today. Unless Werdy posted something.

Patrick and I were the only members of our small group that made it back to the HC for beers and Delicious Deep Fried Asian Carp. The waitress (The famous Dirty Martini pictured above) alerted us to the fact that the "OTHER RIDE" members, 25 in total! had been in the bar for two hours prior to our mud-caked arrival. Seems they put in something like 10 miles on dry pavement with mountain bikes before retiring to the bar to show off their clean, tight fitting biker-type jerseys. Nice going boys!

Now it's off to the car wash (Tony brought his washer, showoff) and get ready for Thursday's ride. This rain really oughta help, huh.


  1. I was going to suggest that you guys move your AA meeting to Tuesday nights at the Honey Creek, I hear pints are on special for two bucks. Is that correct?

  2. Anon 6:39:

    Thanks for stopping by the Crazy Bastard Club House. New faces are always welcome here, especially when they come with a certain kind of twisted and fucked up personality like yours. You already seem like one of the gang. But FYI, when we ride on Tuesday we always stop at the Honey Creek Inn for post ride beers, bullshit and Deep Fried Asian Carp (you ought to try it, it's delicious!). As for the AA meeting I'm not quite sure what you're talking about. There is an Assholes Anonymous meeting on Tuesday's that meets outside, next to the dumpster. You should come, I think you'd fit right in. But we'll be inside drinking those $2 pints you mentioned. Thanks for the tip and stop by again when you're in the neighborhood, the door's always open!