Friday, March 26, 2010


So while you Bastards are making your last minute preparation for the Barry Roubaix, wondering whether to wear full-length leg and arm warmers, or a double coating of super-hot embrocation, or not, I'm working on an early season biker/farmer tan on the roads of Florida, along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. While it hasn't been tropically hot here, it has been warm enough for just shorts sleeves and shirts. The only thing you really need to put on is plenty of SPF 30. The only other minor concern: seasoned citizens in their run-away Escalades. Think of them a One Ton Plus Free Range Chickens - without heads. If I survive, it will be a great start to the 2010 Road season.

Best of luck to all of on your upcoming race. Sorry I can't be there ... yeah right.


  1. Watch out for that Sun and Surf Surly! Hope you're having a good time, but don't play too long. I know you're missing the pot holes, $hitty pavement, and crazy drivers of this Northern Winter Wonderland. Though come to think about it, the drivers HAVE seemed more pleasant since you've been away. Hmmm.... maybe there's a connection there? :)

  2. I knew it was me. All that cycle-hate out just couldn't have been because one-out-of-three drivers was a douche-bag from birth. There had to have been some external/environment reason to explain their disgust for those of us on two-wheels. Now, through an unscientific experiment, it has been proven that cycle-hate is because of me. Sounds fair enough, I'll buy it. But explain to me why the drivers down south were so nice while I was there? Not one horn blast all the time I was there ...

    Surly Bastard (didn't log in!)

  3. Gas stations sell single servings of beer? Drive through beer stores? They have smooth pavement, so aren't upset by having to dodge cyclists. They do not have to worry about missing the cyclist and driving into potholes that knock the rust out of their suspension and the fillings out of their teeth?

    Or how about this one: They are just a bunch of snow birds. They don't honk at you because they cannot see you. They left their glasses in their other leisure suit. :)

    Welcome back. Thanks for bringing the weather back with you!

  4. I'm going with the to-go cups and blindness.