Thursday, August 29, 2013


Who got the worst of the mud, and collected most of it on Tuesday? Maybe Scott, who is wearing a lot of mud. Strange, since he pulled most of the 35-miles. I should pay him for at least half of his rear wheel since I was sitting on it for almost the entire ride.

Big Mac also got a facial. Looks like most of it was in the eyes. Yeah, always wear protective eye wear. Chances are there won't be any of this tonight. Even Big Mac's motor was hurting. Fast ride, mud, lots of go in everybody legs, but no air to breathe. Reports of big gravel were highly exaggerated, roads were pretty smooth and the gravel dump from 3-weeks ago is just about all absorbed. Adam says it was one of the fastest, recent rides (as recorded on one of his many electronic devices). But then he did have mud in his eyes ...

Kim Lee looks pretty clean. Here he's showing us the dirt in his teeth, as if you could see the dirt between his teeth. Or maybe he's doing an ad for tooth whitener with cyclist EPO-PED? "PEDOMINT: It makes you faster while it makes your teeth whiter! Only from the Laboratories of Kim Lee." Kim loved the ride, and spent the night going between "Man this is so painful, but I love it so much. What a ride!" Time for some professional help, Kim. Oh, you are a professional.

After the ride I was wearing a semi-permanent "man-jaggins" around. Nice look!

This is what the bottom of my bike was wearing. That's just dried rivulets of mud - the bike, thankfully is internally cabled. Note the kink in the muddy-buddy chain.


Redline Conquest Pro 2008 

Bought this frame and fork in 2009 and used this bike as a training bike and pit bike. It has a few wear marks and paint chips, but no dents and is in good shape. I have rebuilt it with a lot of new parts, as well as good used parts that were waiting to be used again. It's ready to roll for only $500! The perfect gravel grinder or race bike. I also have a use Trek 54 Cyclocross bike that's set up as a SS, but can be converted to gears.

NEW: SRAM Cassette, Chain and Sora 9-Speed Derailleur. NEW cable and housing.

NEW Sora Shifters, USED Ritchie Bar, USED Origin 8 Brake set with KOOL Stop Brake pads. Great braking!

Frame: Redline Conquest Pro Alloy, size 54.
Fork: Matching fork with carbon legs and alloy steer tube - cut, but plenty of height left.
Shifters: Shimano 9-Speed Sora NEW - no thumb shifters, shifts like all current Shimano systems. Has shift indicators, just in case you don't know what gear you're in.
Rear Derailleur: NEW Sora 9 Speed
Chain: NEW SRAM 9-speed chain
Cassette: NEW SRAM 12-27 cassette, perfect for cross.
Cables: Brake and Shifter cables and housing - all NEW
Pedal: No pedals
Crank: Truvative Carbon arms, alloy spider, outboard cups. USED
Chain rings: USED FSA 46-38
Front Derailleur: USED 
Wheels: NEW Weinman. Black rims, red alloy nipples
Tires: USED Specialized Houfilize
Bar: Ritchie Comp 42
Stem: Options to fit
Seat post: Ritchie Comp
Saddle: WTB
Brakes: Origin 8 Euro Style wide arms - new KOOL Stop pads in rear, lightly worn fronts
Bar Tape: Will wrap with your color of choice - black?

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