Friday, September 6, 2013


The sunsets on summer riding.

CBX gravel riding literally rode its ass into the summer sunset last night. This was the last night for "no-lights" riding. And within the last mile from the parking lot, fall set in.

Shortcut group.

Last night's ride split into two groups halfway through the ride. One that wanted to go longer, and one that wanted to get back for a beer - although the excuse was they were racing this weekend. Pace was great, and actually fairly moderate considering that  we were loaded with strong guys. The group include Mike K, Dave Stebbens, Tony H, Andy from Fusion, Scott Chapin, Doez, Chris D, Cupcake, Craig Rawlings, Don G ... geez, who did I forget? I'll find out later no doubt ...

The call of the Gravel came earlier than ever this year.

As noted, the CBX rides started earlier than ever this year. Almost all of August ... here's a typical group bullshitting and lying in the shade before an early ride.

We see all sorts Crazy Bastards in the early season. Aaron Huntington shows off his new way of buying even more speed: Orange Sherbet Insane Tire Technology™. I'm sure the UCI will ban those tires next year.

Yeah, it's been a who's who of cycling weirdness this year. We've had our regulars, and guest appearances. Let's flip through the CBX Summer Album and see who had the nerve to show their face.

USAC Official and East-Side 'Crosser Bruce LeBlanc showed up for a week of riding this summer.

Regulars and guest - posing in front of the new  Big Mac Van. Craig R looking so "hot" and Bruce ready to leave town. Can't blame him.

Between epic cycling events Jeff Festian (Werdy) was on the road this summer.

Like Jeff, Kim Lee hovered between guest star appearances and being a weekly regular. He's not spitting at you by the way, he's showing his gravel collection in his teeth.

Slayer, aka Jeff Haney made some rides, returning to Slayer form after a horrific mountain bike accident involving Slayer's lung and a tree.

Kirk G was there for a lot of ride (left). Scott Walburn was a regular. He pulled the entire group around for weeks straight. Nice work for him, great motor-pacing for the rest of us. Thanks Scott!

Bob Hughes, left, made some ride, Craig a lot, and Dave Staublin, quite a few. This night was so hot and muggy that even the camera got sweaty.


Speaking of weather, we even got some mud, which Scott displays. I don't believe we ever rode in any rain. Did we?


Nice group last week at the end of the Dog Mile, which as always is a hotly contested stretch of dirt. The good thing about the Dog Mile there is no more Killer Chihuahua to get tangled in your wheels at 30 mph. The only bad thing there no more Killer Chihuahua.


On Tuesday the "ladies" came out and showed the boys how it was done. Cupcake, Sarah McIntyre and Amy Stauffer.


 If you see a fork in the road, take it.

So that's it for summer. The has officially set on the longest preseason in Crazy Bastard history. Now it's on to fall, more rides, warmer clothes, boots, snow ... yikes is that all going to happen again. First though, it's on to racing. See you at Ithaca and/or Highland this weekend.

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