Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Rockin' old school CBX at the SURPRISE YOU'RE F*ING old B-Day Party. Remember these? Nice, but mine isn't as clean. Has to be Jim Allen - he's neat!

Well I've been shut down by the Google Monster for almost a week, but now that's over we can resume  normal operations, which means more crap Bastard posts. Since we last left you I had a surprise Birthday Party at the Farm Team Headquarters, which was quite a bash, and a total shock to my system that anyone could even remember that it was 96th Birthday! Anyway I got more gifts than I deserve, thank you everyone, especially you-know-who for the great gift and Scott Chapin for the Head Scratcher, which still has me scratching my head, which I guess is the idea, right Scott?

The gift for someone who has everything - but hair? The Head Scratcher. 

While it's a brilliant device since I have no hair, scratching my head is never a problem. Yet knowing Scott, there had to be some sensible reason for him giving me this thoughtful and inspired gift, even though it seems so stupid. And then it came to me as I scratched my head ....

It's a Helmet Head Scratcher, for scratching those spots you can never seem to get to when you're riding. Thanks Scott, this gift is truly inspired and thoughtful too!

There were many wonderful people at the party, and as you can see by DJ CR, jumping in the background of Kim, Sheri and Gretchen, it had a real party atmosphere.

Kim, Chris and Dawn Davison enjoying the party.

Great to see Julie Boonen (Tom's Boonen's sister, all the way from Belgium) and Jurrien - Etho Bastard - Davison on scene.

Best of all it was wonderful to get some of the Original Crazy Bastards together again. Jim Allen, Bill Jewell, and Tom Hahn, recently returned from a 3-year trip to Mars, on hand to celebrate me getting so old I want to forget. Thanks for making me remember guys!

Here's a short video I shot of the party with the GoPro attached to my head scratcher.


The next morning it was off to the final race of the Kiss Cross Series in Holland, which I guess would be the KissCross Holland Race. The course was designed by the Hupster's and was a great one. It also appeared that there must have been several other Surprise Parties on Saturday Night by the way some of the participants looked. 

Jeff Jacobi was looking sharp Sunday Morning. Dig that helmet Jeff.

The Big Dogs having a chat after the race. They look okay, but is that Chris Boer puking on his front tire in the background?

Yeah, it was Chris Boer hurling on his tubular. Nice to see you Chris!

Even Adam had Crazy Eye after the race from "Party All Night, Race All Day" syndrome.

Craig Geitzen was looking A-Okay after the race, but that's because he's all hopped-up on performance enhancing, Super Energy Food, GEEZ BARS. 

Super-Powerful, Super Energy Food. My only problem Craig, it tasted kind of plasticiky. No wait, I forgot to unwrap it! Yum, love the EPO flavor!

Arrrrrrrrgghgghgghgghhhhh Matey! Cross Racin' Ahoy! Said Mike Seamen after his race. The Pirate of Cross indeed.

Amanda Schapp in cool down, warm down mode after her race. Good to see you Amanda.

Amanda: I've got my eye on you creepy Crazy Bastard Cross guys, my eye on YOU!

Finally, a nice shot by Julie McGraw,  showing me actually running, which you won't see in the next post, as we catch up on the last two weeks races, at the notoriously wonderful and painful, Bad Bad Wolf.

I'll try and catch up tomorrow with another post on the this past weekends Big Bad Wolf race, and then prepare you for the alway hilarious, Michigan State Championship, which I think are being held in Ohio or Indiana this year. I'll keep you posted.

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