Friday, December 7, 2012


The Google Giant Monster would only let me upload one photo today. This is it - the Team Sandbag Attorney. I may use him in my negotiations to bring the Giant to his/her/its knees so I can start making my usual crappy blog posts again.

While I had loads of incriminating photos and reports from last week's race in Holland, and the surprise party from the night before, I am unable to "Upload" the photos and the accompanying report (who wants to read a crappy report, you want photos, right?) because of limitations placed on me by the Giant Google Monster that controls are lives from the moment we get out of bed, until the second we pass out in the garage from the diesel heater fumes while gluing tires. Currently I am in negotiations with the Google Giant and normal photo-blogging should resume shortly. Until then here are a few videos that should keep you happy, or at least not so bored, until I have brought the Giant Google Monster to his or her knees.

Here's the latest Euro-World-Cup Women video from Petisreines. Nice stuff - the only problem is getting past the interview with Mr. Dugast. Personally I don't have to worry about tires or my Psigh anymore. I have staff to do that. I just wait in my motor home (you'll see an exact replica of it in this video) and don't leave until I hear the 10-minute whistle.

Another Euro-Cross video. This behind the scenes look at cyclocross racing in Belgium is something to behold. It looks a little like my Surprise Birthday Party Saturday night, but I don't remember the hill. Will we be doing this in Louisville?

Here's a purely motivational cross video from a couple of years ago. Two laps of a pure slug fest joy and suffering. Why Styby quit cyclocross is a mystery to me. You'd go to the road to become pack-fodder and leave this behind? Anyway let me know how these two can peddle and handle their bikes like this after watching. I want to know.


A great lap, and soundtrack by Adam. JB has told us that this year's course is going to be a little different. We'll see - same park, so how weird can it get unless these people are hiding in the woods ...


  1. As your attorney I advise you to take a hit out of the little brown bottle in my shaving kit. You won't need much. Just try a taste.

    1. A taste is never enough. But as my attorney I'll take your advice. No prob' with doping control, ya think?

  2. Surly what the heck did you do to upset the Google Monster? You must be in super internet trouble...

  3. Striving for excellence is always a risky proposition and on your way to the top you're going to step on some toes. In this case though, excellence had nothing to do with it and how a crappy blog like this could get you in trouble is anybody's guess. All hail the Google Monster! See you at the BBW Sunday.