Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The Birthday Girlz together - From a mountain bike ride last year when it was HOT

The Birthday's just keep coming for the girls. Today is Betty's birthday, on the left, above, yesterday it was Cupcake's, on the right above. While we "chippoed" in and got Laura a Cipo-Tiger Man for her birthday, Betty isn't so easy since she can't "Tweet" us with what she wants. I was thinking of taking her for a mountain bike ride tonight, unless some of you Bastards would like to take another roll around Bastard Country with Cross bikes on dirt roads tonight.

Let me know, there's no need to charge lights, so whenever, whatever ...

Wait a minute there's a tweet coming in from the dog ...

I guess this what she wants ...

What a surprise, guess the girls will be fighting like a couple of, uh, girls, of this one ...

Betty says she'll take the third one of the right, the smelliest one.


  1. Looks like the Betty is in the lead for the ride tonight. Anybody thinking about a bit of dirt ... or are you all riding the road tonight? Is itthe ABS ride tonight? I'm going to wait until some of the ABS Menaces have been Darwin'd out of the paceline before I poke a wheel in there.

  2. I'm doing the Ada ride tonight. It's good cross practice since you're dodging everyone that's in a full on sprint for the Snow Ave street sign -- pure glory.

  3. Caution young man. You have a full and productive life ahead of you ... beware the ABS Ride Menace. Looks like the Dog is getting her wish for a MTB ride. She loves it, she really does ...

  4. Surly

    I hit yankee springs today in prep for some mountain bike madness down there this sunday. I'm up for some single track with you and the pooch sometime. Let me know when it happens again.