Tuesday, April 26, 2011


While some of you may have thought that the recent Paris to Ancaster race took place in France, well you were wrong. It takes place not too far away, in a place called Canada. Here's a nice video of the event, and it looks pretty cool, if by cool you mean kind of miserable with a lot of mud and suffering. It looks a lot like the Barry Roubaix, or any American race with the Roubaix suffix, except with more mud, crazy outfits, and really weird accents that I can't identify. Make sure you watch this to the end for the interview with Adam Myerson and the crazy people on the Tandem with TT helmets and teal colored skinsuits from the 70's, which apparently (the 70's are still taking place in that place called "Canada.")


  1. Surly, it was good to get a laugh as i sit here and look out my window at wind and rain again! You are always good for some lunch-time entertainment. I love the mudslide down hill! And those skin suits, I need one!

  2. We all need one. And if aero helmets don't look dumb enough, put them on a tandem and drop them in a silly long distance cross race. It's a sure formula for comedy. Glad you enjoyed!

  3. SB, it was nice of you to lend the American rider your nipple rings, it’s good to see the stars and strips represented with such class and distinction! I’m glad he didn’t snag any tree branches along the way.

    Isn’t Canada the land of the beavers? I didn’t see any beavers in the video. I’m in for that race next year and I hope I see some beavers.

    I was out riding last night with my rear fender and lights back on my bike. I didn’t need the fender; the roads were actually in pretty good shape. But, I did need my lights; I rolled in about 9:30 PM after a nice 2-1/2 hour spin.

    Thanks for keep us entertained here and rolling out there this past CB season…