Monday, April 18, 2011


Well it's the "spring training camp" time of year, isn't it? Any team worthy of a logo spattered lycra jersey is going to, coming, planning or at one right now. The only bad place would be right here, and right now, since Mother Nature has taken another big, cold dump on us.

This year local team camps are all over the place. California. Colorado. North Carolina. Florida. Alabama. Traverse City. All of them offer tremendous riding opportunities and monster climbing (except Florida) challenges. Some camps are reporting that they are climbing something like 30,000 feet of elevation a day. And that's without an airplane!

Well I think it's time that the Crazy Bastards plan a training camp, and I think I have found the perfect place for us after catching this video posted by Andrea Tucker on the good old "Cyber Swamp" I like to call FaceBook.

The place is the Burning Man. While it doesn't look like there's any climbing nearby the camp, the fact that it look like everybody is totally "trippin' balls" may create some gigantic mountains in your mind to roll over. Take a look and see if I lie. Plenty of bikes.

I'm not sure if it is a really as hot as it looks, or if everyone is just so fucking high they think it's hot. Either way it looks like my kind of camp. By the way, I don't know about driving there since I'm pretty sure that Burning Man is located on Jupiter. Just remember to bring your coolest goggles.

Here's where I'm planning on having our training camp. It's called Jupiter for those of you that didn't make it past the 6th grade. Who wants to drive? Should we carpool? I hear it's over a 6 hour drive.

There should be plenty of hill climbing available once you've cleared the Burning Man campsite. Unfortunately your tires melt near the summit.

Yo! Paceline to Neptune dude! Grab a wheel.

You'll be riding with people like this (see video too). Best thing about this camp is that you don't have to bring your fancy carbon fiber bike. Looks like you can just pick up a crappy 10 speed on the side of the road, or maybe when we fly by Mars.

Special Crazy Bastard Team Kit is on the way for this very special Training Camp. Sign up for yours now!

After the ride we'll just lounge around, and try to relax. I notice nobody is wearing any compression socks, or anything else for that matter.

Talk about performance enhancing drugs! This what riders roll with at Burning Man! Hey put down the GU shots Martha ...

We're not the first cyclists to use this "trip" concept for training. Here's one of the most famous cyclists in all cycledom showing us his rockin' "been there done it already" style.

And for the trip, I'd like you to meet our new Team Secretary. She'll be handling the logistical stuff.

Yeah, she not only fucking scary looking, she can sing, too. It keeps the spirits up around the campfire at night. Hey, we'll make Smors, okay?


  1. Somebody just emailed me and wondered if I was on drugs. I'm not! Am I?

  2. Smores are good. I'm in. Just don't invite the weird naked people. Weird is ok. Weird and naked...maybe not.

  3. Couple years ago me(Doez) Davison,Koetsier and The Ethiopian are on our way to Moab,we stop at a rest area in the middle of nowhere between Fruita and Moab,nothing around but desert,we do our business,as we are walking back to the truck guy pulls in,looks at us,looks at our bikes,looks back at us and says-"you guys going to Burning Man?" Did he know about training camp already? Or was he on drugs?