Saturday, September 21, 2013

Waterford Day 1: Find What You Love and Let it Kill You

"Find what you love and let it kill you."

The above is a great Charles Bukowski quote, which I think I have actually heard Osgood, aka Chunky Dunker, use as a race heckle. Or maybe not. More like ... "find what you love and let it drive insane Chunky..." like cross. By the way, if you weren't there today you should know that Osgood is taking over the roll of Bob Wydra, racing in something like 13-races a day.

First race of the year to fly the Bastard flag. It was a tough day, but nice to be back in the saddle again. Oh yeah, I sucked.

In terms of weather Waterford Day 1 offered everything rain to shine ... but it was all pretty warm ... but not too warm. Great day for cylocross, with a sweet course that was just right ... plus the rain softened up what is sometimes bumpy ground. Very nice. Plus they didn't put in those stupid, goddamn yellow 2x4 pieces of shit. Thanks you Mr. Course Designer. Job well done.

New for 2013 are these Official Tailwind Leopard Pants™. Yeah, that Ms. Tailwind herself rocking those "bad boys."

Lot of spectators, junk, tents and kids running all over the place. It's starting to look like a Chicago Cross Cup race. Who does that leg belong too?

This was at the end of the day - racing over. Another nice big course that was filled with racers all day long.

Great racing, with lots of action everywhere you turned.

In the Elite Race Das German aka Sven Bauman, followed closely by the Bunny aka Adam York, showed why these guys are the best cyclocross racers you'll see anywhere - and in Michigan - no question about it.

Big Mac grinding up the hill with the Librarian in tow. "Hey you, come back! Those Sven Nys videos checked out are well overdue! And heroic effort by the way. Well done"

 Westside heroes Big Mac aka Adam McIntyre and Shawn Davison made the Day one  Waterford Elite Race. Nice job by both. Adam worked hard and pushed into the top ten. Both of them will be back tomorrow (Sunday) for another throw down.

Adam looking tough - and not just from wicked facial hair sculpting.

There were a lot of kids and kid racing at Waterford, which was great to see.

 Above, John Osgood is offering tactical advice to his daughter Makeena Osgood on her very first cross race. I wonder if he gave her the same advice he gives everybody else: "Now honey if you're NOT tasting blood in the back of your throat, you're not going hard enough. Now go out there and have fun sweetie."

This young ten year old chewed up a lot of grown men. Future 'cross star here. Nice job young man!

Matt Baroli takes the kids for a warm-up lap.

Hats off to Matt Baroli and his Wolverines for all the work they are doing with the next generation of young racers. It's good to see that somebody is thinking ahead in Michigan. Great bunch of young racers, Matt. 

Makeena Osgood crosses the line, finishing her first cross race in style. 

The Osgoods, Dad and daughter at the end of a beautiful day of cyclocross racing. "Now tell the old geezer with the camera to get lost,  honey. He's smelly."

Before the beginning of the last race of the day the ladies, were, uh, like ladies. Well Maybe.

Yeah they were ladies until  the whistle for the start of the women's Cat-3/4. Sarah McIntyre listens while Anne Grovert tells  Pam Bufo how she's going to hurt her, and hurt her bad. And she did, Anne wasn't wasn't lying. Those girls are just so funny, aren't they?

Sarah McIntyre hammers up the hill, in true McIntyre style.

When it was all over they were friends again. Really you thinks so? Sarah and Pam put their best smiley-I-don't-hate-your-guts faces on for their adoring public.

A pretty podium to finish the day

Women's Cat 3/4 podium: Anne Grovert with the win, Sarah McIntyre second, Pam Bufo, third. Now it's on to Sunday's races ...


And one last gulp to refuel for tomorrow. 

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