Friday, July 19, 2013


The Townsend Park Cooling Station. The only way to beat the l,000˚ F heat last night was with tree-lined roads and a bike that generates it's own air-conditioning. It was still pretty damn hot.

With the trees this is what it looked like - in fact this was somewhere along Ashley and 7-mile (though I don't think her name is Ashley). And yes, no it never happened.

So it's hot. Don't tell me about the heat, I don't want to hear it anymore, okay? I don't care. And neither did a few Crazy Bastards who put in a few nice gravel grinding miles last night (Scott Walburn, Jeff Festian, Lee Boughner and myself) . It's been two-weeks now and the rides have been rolling around pretty steadily on Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 for around 30-miles a pop.

Tuesday I got my motor pacing work on the wheel of Big Mac. Last night it was this horse pulling us along - Scott Walburn. Scott has killed more varmints on dirt roads with that front wheel and has ridden more pretenders off that rear wheel than you've had Margarita's with Beers stuffed in them at the Score after a ride. If you don't know what I mean, it's this thing ... yeah, what the hell is this, anyway? Something they serve at the Score, or as Flying Bats calls it, THE ZONE.

If this looks good to you for anything more than icing down a bruise, well you may have some issues with alcohol, appropriate glassware use and putting contaminates in your beverages.

Another Crazy Bastard Original out to beat the heat and grind the gravel last night - Jeff Festian, aka Werdy Bastard, only in 1000˚ F heat last night nobody was that chatty.

Like everyone, Jeff's bike was loaded with drinks. An essential additive for like, uh, not dying. Lee was rocking a MTB ... one of those things with big fat wheels.

This rolled a little over 28 miles last night. Considering the pace and effort of staying on Scott's wheel, that was enough for me.

On the front end my other tire wasn't quite up to making the ride without taking a piss. It went flat about 4-miles from the finish. Too hot and lazy to change the tube I just gassed it up with CO2s to keep it rolling. Thankfully the tire gave its last gasp at the Grandpa Van - and thanks to Lee for helping me limp home after the other guys thought that a flat tire was a good time to throw in one last 1000˚, no PSI in my tire attack. (Hmmm, first time I've rolled this ride without tubular tires this year - maybe the last.)

Toweling off and considering the options for hydration and carbloading after the ride. I can't tell whether Jeff is doing a Roman Emperor thing or Japanese Bath thing. Of course I took this photo while wearing a kilt, wooden shoes and a white wig. After a little toweling off we decided to go to THE ZONE for refreshments and some air conditioning. 

While the drinks and food at THE ZONE were awesome, the waitress sucked. I mean sucked. Well I think you know what I mean. Nice ride. See you on the other side of the Heat Wave on Tuesday, same place, same Crazy Bastard Time. Roads are in great shape, no traffic, and great guys to ride with - right now. How long is it to Ice Man? I'll ask the waitress at THE ZONE, I'm sure she'll know.

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