Thursday, July 11, 2013


Leave it to Big Mac (aka Adam McIntyre) to escalate bike carrying capacity for this year's Cross Season with the introduction of a dedicated big bike van to carry all his and Sarah's gear. Here's a shot of the new van from my helicopter.

Many of you will remember Big Mac's Long Trailer, introduced at last year's 2012 Ithaca Grand Prix of Cyclocross (which is now only a couple of month's away!) While the Long trailer could carry a lot of gear it didn't have the capacity to a gobble up all the bikes and wheels slated this year's campaign. 

Sarah McIntyre, at Tuesday Night's dirt road ride, where Big Mac's Big Bike Van made it's biking debut. Did she hit it with a bottle of Champagne? No, we think it was Spicy Feta Dip. Hope it didn't hurt the paint.

The yawning side door of the Big Bike Van yawns open like a giant bike and gear swallowing throat. I'm jealous. I'd put a bed, and arm chair and a reading lamp right there. Big Mac will probably put a wheel rack, an arc welder, an air compressor and something else that goes cha-chunka-chunka-chucka in that spot.

Got Bikes? Well if you do, here's where you stack them up. More big, yawning openings to swallow loads of bikes and cross crap.

Here's the Bike Bike Van shot from a hundred miles away, which makes it look slightly smaller. Its sole purpose in life is carrying bikes to bike races, and that's it. Think you've seen it before? Yeah you have. Watch the following clip about wheel sucking and you'll know where ... the most famous Big Bike Van ever? Possibly.

Even if you don't have a Big Bike Van you can still ride tonight. Some of us will be out to Townsend Park for a 6:30 roll time. See you Bike and Big Van fans!

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